5 Recommended Accessories for your DSLR


When photographers get together, they often compare notes on useful DSLR accessories. To anyone but a photographer, this type of discussion might seem a bit obsessive. But, when you’re caught in a downpour without camera rain protection, you’ll soon think differently. There are times you might be presented with a promising landscape and you lack the photographic filters needed to render it magnificent. Looking through windows obscured by condensation should serve as a visual reminder to stock your gear locker with lens and optics cleaning supplies. The tripod needed to capture a starry night will be a lot easier to carry with the right tripod case. Photographers will be filled with glad tidings, thanks to camera remote controls that make it possible to trip their shutters while remaining comfortable indoors, instead of getting frostbite or sunstroke.

Rain Protection

So compact and affordable, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason to leave them at home, the two-pack of Ruggard RC-P18" Rain Covers will help protect your DSLR with a lens up to 18". Made for stealthy outdoor photography, LensCoat RainCoats are available in a variety of patterns and solid colors that help photographers blend in with their surroundings. Another brand of rain covers worth exploring is the Vortex Media line of storm jackets. These covers come in many colors and sizes and feature an opening at the bottom for your tripod and an included, zippered, carrying case.

Ruggard RC-P18 Rain Cover

Photographic Filters

For that magnificent landscape photo mentioned earlier, two go-to filters are a polarizer and a neutral density (ND). The polarizer will help eliminate reflections, reduce haze, and improve color saturation. And graduated neutral density filters are prized for their ability to reduce exposure selectively in areas such as bright skies, sandy beaches, and snow. Along with filters, you’ll want to consider filter accessories such as lens wrenches, step-rings, and pouches.

LEE Filters Graduated Neutral Density Soft Filter

Lens and Optics Cleaning Supplies

If your microfiber cleaning cloths are getting worn and tired looking, it might be time for a resupply. When used as directed, these cloths are safe and effective for fine optics. Many are reusable and can be used in combination with select lens-cleaning fluids. One excellent approach to lens cleaning is to get a Giottos Lens Cleaning Kit with Small Rocket Air Blower that includes a retractable goat-hair brush, spray bottle of cleaning solution, microfiber cloth, swabs, and a rubber blower.

Pearstone Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Tripod Cases

Photographers who shoot long exposures, night scenes, sports, and telephoto shots, most likely already own a tripod. Due to their size and bulk, tripods can be difficult to carry and protect without an appropriate case or bag. Features to consider are padding, materials, accessory pockets, handles, and shoulder straps. The way a tripod case or bag opens is important, too. One top-of-the-line case is the HPRC 6300TRIB Wheeled Hard Case for Tripods with Soft Interiors Kit. This hard, resin shell case is air and waterproof, unbreakable, meets ATA 300 specifications, and features smooth gliding wheels.

HPRC 6300TRIB Wheeled Hard Case for Tripods

Camera Remote Controls

One of the coolest camera accessories is the remote control, which offers so much more than a simple cable release. Vello makes a fine line of remotes that offers wireless camera triggering, delay functions, video on/off, still shooting during video, compatibility with most manufacturers, groups, channels, fast flash-sync speeds, TTL, LED indicators, hot-shoe mounting, and more. Shooters will love using the Vello FreeWave Fusion Pro Wireless Flash Trigger and Remote Control for Nikon and Canon DSLRs. These kits come with a transmitter, up to two receivers, 3.5mm shutter release cable, mini cables, and 4 AAA batteries.

Vello FreeWave Plus Wireless Remote Shutter Release

B&H has just about every camera accessory a photographer could wish for. Remember, the only thing better than one perfect accessory, is five or more perfect accessories. Please share your thoughts and accessory recommendations with fellow readers in the Comments section, below.


Buenas tardes,

En agosto viajare a USA para visitar New York, Stontington, Boston y Chicago
New York Boston lo hare en automovil
Estoy llevando D7200 con sigma 10-20 mm y un Nikkor 18-140 mm, las lentes con UV y polarizador para las dos y ND de 3 y otro de 6 stop para 18-140 mm 
4 baterias , disparador sin cable y con cable, filtro amarillo y naranja

Kit de limpieza de lentes

Pregunto, se justifica llevar:

35 mm y/o 55 -300 mm Nikkor

Tripode y flash externo o de zapata

Mochila y funda para clima

Sugieren Ustedes llevar algo adicional

Viajo con un amigo para hacer fotografia y probar cervezas

Pasare por B&H a comprar algun accesorio, por ejemplo, monopie, sandisk de 32 y 64 GB, ND de 1 a 10 stop para de 67 y para el 82 mm variable, protector de pantalla , maglight 2C o 2D, guante, disco solido externo y otro interno SSD y tambien temporizador

Muchas gracias, Guillermo


Last year I purchased the Vello ShutterBoss II remote and it has performed well beyond my expectations. Great for night photography (stars for the bulb feature, remote feature for moon photography so it cuts down on vibration). I also use it for nature photography. I set up the camera near my feeders and shoot remotely from my living room window. Since the original purchase I have purchased the connection cables for two other cameras so I only need one remote that serves all the cameras I experiment with (Canon T5, Olympus E510 and Nikon F4). Works great with all of them and have never had a regret since purchasing. I'm envious of juan f. but would highly recommend this accessory for his safari. Would work perfectly for the African night skies and all the wildlife opportunities! Only thing to add is a small flashlight as it makes it easier to find the multitude of buttons on camera equipment. 

Great recommendations, thank you.  I am going on my first African Safari this summer: 7 days with two outings a day into the Serengeti.  I shoot a Canon SL1 with the 18-55 and 75-300 kit lenses, a Canon 10-22 USM Wide Angle Lens, and the Sigma 150-600 zoom.  I’m also taking two GoPros 5&6, a travel tri-pod, cleaning papers, and cleaning solution .  What would you recommend I need for this Safari?   It’s my first safari, and I welcome all your suggestions; I don’t want to be out there wishing I brought something I didn’t.

We would recommend carrying spare batteries so you would always have power for the camera. For your SL1, that would be the Canon LP-E12 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 875mAh) B&H # CALPE12. For your Go Pro cameras, the GoPro Rechargeable Battery for HERO5 Black and HERO6 Black B&H # GORBH5 would be suitable. At least two extra batteries would be best to carry. We would also recommend carrying a back up device so you can back up your images or video easily such as the GNARBOX 256GB Portable Backup & Editing System B&H # GNAR256V1. https://bhpho.to/2rrWva4  https://bhpho.to/2rrWF1a https://bhpho.to/2z2aN68