Peak Design Camera Straps and Clips

Peak Design Camera Straps and Clips

Peak Design’s popular Capture Camera Clip continues to be the go-to harness system for professional photographers. The v3 iteration, which is made of weatherproof aluminum, can withstand forces of up to 200 lb. A small clip is used to clamp onto any strap or belt as wide as 2.5", allowing you to place it around your waist or on your backpack. You can then attach the Arca-type quick-release plate to your camera, which easily slides onto the clip to mount it and releases the camera at the touch of a button.

Thumbscrews and hex-head bolts are both included with the option to purchase separately if you lose them. Likewise, individual clips are available without the plate for customization, like having multiple attachment points for the same camera.

If you’re in the market for a good camera strap, the Peak Design Slide and SlideLITE options never disappoint. Available in a variety of stylish colors, these straps enjoy a neck area of 1.8" and 1.3", respectively. The straps use Peak Design’s anchor system with loop connectors for an impressive 200-lb load capacity that will support nearly any camera.