Photography Accessories for Your iPad


Most of us know that the iPad is a powerful photographic and filmmaking tool. Whether you are using it for post-processing, image sharing, camera control, storage, live view monitoring, or just for taking photos, the iPad is finding a home in the camera bags of many photographers.

If it has one shortcoming, however, it may be the fixed-focal-length lens that only features digital zoom. But, if you consider the built-in iPad camera just a part of a larger lens system, you can accessorize your iPad with numerous lenses to open many more photographic possibilities.

The 37mm Lens World

More familiar to moviemakers than photographers is the family of screw-mount 37mm lenses. The size of the 37mm-type lens lends itself well to attachment to a smartphone or tablet, and there are several companies making mounts and lenses for the iPad.

Makayama manufactures a series of iPad cases that are equipped with not only a 37mm-type lens socket, but cold-shoe mounts for accessories. The cases also allow the iPad to stand on its own, ideal for providing a steady shooting setup. Several of the Makayama mounts come with included lenses.

The iOgrapher Filmmaking Case is available for the iPad Pro 9.7" and 2017/2018 iPad, iPad 2/3/4, and iPad mini 1/2/3 and it features a 37mm-type lens mount, cold-shoes for attachments, and side handles for getting a steady grip as the iPad itself is horrible when comes to picture-making ergonomics.

iOgrapher also has its own 37mm-type lenses for use in its Filmmaking Case, and other compatible mounts.

iOgrapher Filmmaking Kit for iPad mini 1/2/3


Your iPad’s camera also makes a formidable tool for microscopy with the right conversion lenses. Some macro lenses get you close, but when you want to get closer, the Bodelin Technologies ProScope Micro Mobile Digital Microscope Kit features a mounting sleeve, a lens capable of 20-80x magnification, and built-in 6-LED lighting to wash your subject in bright light. It is available for the iPad 2/3/4 and iPad Mini.

Bodelin Technologies ProScope Micro Mobile Kit
Bodelin Technologies ProScope Micro Mobile Kit


Of course, all of the accessories mentioned above can be used for motion picture recording, not just still photography. For those leaning more toward capturing video, the Padcaster line of mounts and accessories features several comprehensive setups for recording your next home movie or blockbuster film on your iPad or iPad Air. Some Padcaster kits come with included lenses.

Padcaster Bundle for iPad mini 4

The Mela Mount Video Stabilizer Pro Multimedia Rig Case for the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7", feature 4 cold-shoe mounts, tripod sockets, a built-in bubble level, and more.

Mela Mount Video Stabilizer Pro Multimedia Rig Case for iPad Air 2


There is an assortment of supplemental lighting available for iPad photography. Some lights are powered by the iPad itself, while others are stand-alone units. Popular and versatile, the Lume Cube 1500 lumen light is beyond bright, but if you need creative options and multiple color capability, the Luxli Viola 5" Multi-Color On-Camera LED light can stand alone, or slide into a cold shoe on an iPad accessory. Its big brother, the Cello 10" RGBAW LED has even more features and flexibility.

Luxli Viola 5" Multi-Color On-Camera LED Light

Shoot the iPad

Already capable, adding lenses to your iPad, iPad Air, or iPad mini is a great way to expand its photographic abilities and help you get the most out of the system, so slap on some glass and go out and make great images!

What’s your favorite subject to shoot with an iPad? Please share your recommendations and tips in the Comments section, below.


Does anyone know how to get a higher resolution than 72 on an iPad? Thanks!

The resolution of the iPad cannot be changed.  However, if you are referring to adjusting the resolution of images for printing, you may export your images into your preferred photo editing post-processing software.  When exporting images in your photo editing software, there should be an option to adjust your image resolution, and it should let you resize the image for your intended usage needs.  This would be done in your photo editing software, not in the iPad setting itself.

Hello, are you aware of any front facing lens/case combos that might work for Zoom conferencing?  I am having trouble finding some.

Unfortunately, there are no front facing lens/case combos we offer for the current iPads. 

Hi there,

Can you tell me please if your lenses and accessories will be available for the new 12.9 inch iPad pro soon?

Thank you,


Hello Nick,

At this time we do not have information to when or if we will be carrying these accessories for the iPad Pro 12.9 in the near future. If there is something specific you are looking for, please send an e-mail to [email protected] to see if B&H can special order the item(s) for you.

I attended a conference last night, and event photograher was using a ipad, with a very bright lighting attachment on the backside of the ipad. she also was shooting from the ipad with a stablizing pole. Can you help ?

I am sorry but nothing comes to mind.  Do you have any links to the type of product you're referring to?  If so, please e-mail them and your inquiry to [email protected] and one of our agents may be able to assist you further.

I need a best high quality macro lens for iPad Pro. They seem to offer only for other iPads. I would like what you reviewed the makayama case w macro lens - made for all other iPads. Is there one now for iPad Pro...?

Has anybody found a good lens for the iPad Pro to shoot portraits? The pro seems so setup for this, as you can then use the pen to annotate and adjust photos, but no one seems to make a half decent lens that's compatible...

Hi Jon,

We have a new item coming soon:

This accepts threaded lenses, so you can search for 72mm or 58mm lenses that fit and would be suitable for portrait work like this one:

Most add-on lenses are macro or wide I understand your pain. Good luck!

Perhaps the the the most useful accessory for iPad for photo/video would be a display (viewer) hood of some sort to eliminate glare while shooting outdoors in sunlight. Is this type of accessory available?

Hi A. Aziz,

There are hyperlinks embedded throughout the article for the specific products mentioned. Thanks for reading!