Video: 4 Recommended DSLR Cameras


In the following video, Allan Weitz, of B&H, presents a brief overview of four popular DSLRs available at B&H, and summarizes their main attributes and features. Including the Sony Alpha a77 II, Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Nikon D750, and Nikon D810, this video highlights the distinctive assets of each model, including their sensors, AF systems, continuous shooting rates, and sensitivity ranges, and touches on some of the benefits of a DSLR system in general. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at B&


Thanks for the brief overview of these cameras.  B&H scores for a great innovative approach for information.

Keep up the good work!


A nice selection--already working with my  new Canon 7D-MkII. It replaces my 7D. 

I have been eyeing the Nikon 810 or 750

Save some cash buy the D-750, the only thing the 810 has different is 36 megapixels.

Features you failed to mention on the A77 Mk II but you did on the other cameras:

  • 24mp
  • 12 fps
  • 79 focus points
  • Compatability with all Sony and Minolta 'A' Mount lenses both full frame and APS-C.

Hi which dslr camera good for weddings in Nikon tell me thanks

If you are looking to go full frame, you might look at the D750.  It's an excellent camera, and would be a great option for weddings.  The D810 is another option, though the D750 is faster, and the smaller file size could be a bonus in shorter processing times for the fast turnaround customers can expect.

This is a nice introduction to some top offerings. It should include however, pictures shot with each camera along with price. 


It's all about the hunt, competion for the best price, buy from known companies or check reviews, you'll find B&H is the best to deal with and is far cheaper than others online. Feel like you want more-Rent A Camera, test it out for yourself, take some images blow them up to whatever size fits your needs and compare, then buy. Salesman are there for you, waiting to please you. Give them a chance, to show you what they have to offer. Good Luck!

Nikon D810 up to 12,000 stills on a single battery charge? 

That spec. is referring to when you hook it up to your car battery, HaHa. Maybe it is closer to 1,200 .

 excelente , pero es posible traducir el video al español. gracias



Lo que precisas hacer es "copiar" (cut) el texto que deseas traducir, y luego "pegarlo" (paste) en Google Translate.

I looked at spec's . The t5i looks better than the 7 d


Hey Screwball, What are you reading ???  The Rebel t5i is not even close to the 7D II. The Rebel t5i is an entry level body, where the 7d II is truly a Pro level camera body. The Rebel t5i does not come close to 10 frames per second, and does NOT have a headphone jack. The focus system on the 7D II is one of the very best offered on ANY camera. Even the old 7D is a MUCH better camera body than the Rebel t5i. Perhaps you own a Rebel t5i and are trying to convince yourself how good a camera you own. The Rebel t5i is a very decent ENTRY level camera body. There are also those who say, " Why does the 7D II not have a moveable (articulating) LCD screen, Canon is really missing the boat because people who do video want a moveable screen". The reason is , this is a STILL camera, first and foremost. And a Professional level one at that. It is built with Magnesium and has weather seals on it, it is nearly impossible to weather seal a moveable screen camera. And if the screen were moveable, there would be no reason to make the body so durable, and it could be made like the Rebel line of cameras is made, out of breakable stuff (plastic or resin).If you want a VIDEO camera, buy a VIDEO camera, but be aware, all VIDEO cameras do NOT have moveable screens either.

It constantly amazes me how DSLR cameras that are good at capturing HD video are reviewed only about their image capability and audio is never given a mention.  Audio features are ignored in the reviews. For example, the only DSLR camera that seems to have a headphone jack is the Sony.  The rest do not. This one feature means that you can at least know if the camera is receiving an audio signal, and how it sounds. Many shooters are not attempting to do dual system sound, as it is an additional hassle and if you are traveling with a single camera and doing documentary production, you have to keep the setup as simple as possible to avoid missing a shot in real-time.  With a video camera, we expect audio controls, metering, input configurations for microphones and line inputs, etc.  The DSLR cameras obviously were original designed for taking still images, but are now commonly used for HD video. It's time audio caught up to the picture.  

Jean Luc Goddard I believe said that a film is 40% picture, 40% sound, and 20% the tension that lies between the two.

Before you start expounding the merits of your camera as far as video sound being the only one with an external mic capability please check out others specifications. It would be an enlightening experience for you to know the others have external mic capabilities including stereo recording. Canon uses a linear system that coordinates sound and video 1:1.

To Architect1776:  you appartently didn't read my note.  I didn't say that I had the Sony camera, but it is one of the few that even has a headphone jack.  I own two DSLRs, the Canon 60D and a Canon 70D.  Both have reasonable sound capability but no headphone jack for checking simple throughput issues.  You have to use an external box, in my case the Beachtek adapter, but playing back the picture and sound on the Canon leaves much to be desired. It is an amateurish solution at best, from a camera that takes excellent pictures and "video" in 24P.  Oddly, my Hero 3+ has a better built-in mic than either of the Canons do, but I don't depend on their mics for anything other than reference. We use Sennheiser wireless systems for interview, and a $600 Audio Technica stereo mic on a suspension mount on top of the camera, when we need it.

I pulled my D810 out of the bag and... (wait for it)... the headphone jack was still there, just like in the video. It also has menu settings for microphone senitivity (volume), wind noise reduction, and a real time audio level indicator with seperate left and right channels.

Allan, did a great job! we need more of these vidios to discuss specific cameras in detail. great viewing. Thank you!

Here is a nice comparison of four top cameras.  The Canon is the one I have been eyeing.

Dad B