Last of the New York - and Elsewhere - Camera Repair Shops


Over the past fifteen years, we have seen the rise of the digital camera and the general abandonment of film cameras, with many photographers giving them away or just leaving them to collect dust. It’s also true that with digital cameras, we tend to replace rather than repair, either due to costs associated with the repair or the fact that digital cameras have significantly improved, generation to generation. This has led to a demise of the once-common camera repair shops that dotted most major cities or suburban strip malls. But of course, film cameras never really went away; in fact, we are seeing a resurgence in film photography, and people do get their digital cameras repaired when it is cost effective, so this article will present a short list of camera repair shops in New York that are still providing services, and we encourage readers to comment about their favorite repair shops, whether here in the U.S. or around the world. Think of your comments as a service to your fellow photographers, who right now may be considering abandoning a digital camera due to a minor repair or giving away a perfectly good film camera that just needs a quick tune-up or cleaning.

Photo Tech Repair Service

Let’s start close to home. Just around the corner from our offices at B&H is Photo Tech, which was founded in 1958, but with its current owners, Frank Naraine and his sons, Michael and Paul, has existed since the 1990s. Chrysler Camera, which was famously located in the Chrysler Building, is now also under the umbrella of Photo Tech. They are one of the busiest shops in town, offering quick turnaround for working pros and a brisk business for tourists visiting New York. They work on a wide variety of cameras and lenses and are authorized repair technicians for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, and Sigma. Check their website or call to be sure they work on your camera brand. Having had my cameras repaired there over the years, I can testify to their professionalism, quick turnaround, and fair pricing.

Nippon Photoclinic

Nippon Photoclinic has been around since 1984. I first took my Canon T50 SLR to Nippon in 1989 for a minor repair and it is still working today. Recently, I dropped my brand-new Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens and Nippon was able to fix it at a price that didn’t make me kick myself too hard. Their service parameters have changed over the years, but they are certified in Linhof, Wista, and Contax repairs. They also service medium and large format cameras by Leica, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Rolleiflex, and Pentax. Interestingly, when Contax went out of business, Nippon received all their spare parts and now specialize in Contax point-and-shoot cameras, as well. They do not repair Sony cameras but do repair Canon, Nikon, and Fujifilm, if they have the parts. For major repairs, the manufacturers are reluctant to send parts to the repair shops, so Nippon will send your gear to the manufacturer if need be.

Camera Doctor

Frank Rubio is the “Camera Doctor” and, after having worked in one of New York’s premiere rental houses for many years, he hung his own shingle. Within a relatively short time, has hired a team of technicians to work with him. Presently, the Camera Doctor repair shop is located at the Penumbra Foundation, which is also called "The Center for Alternative Photography." They repair a range of film and digital camera brands and formats, including Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Rolleiflex, Graflex, Deardorff, Fujifilm, and are known for large format shutter repairs and for their customizing services, which include the occasional “Frankencamera.” For more on that topic, tune in to the B&H Photography Podcast conversation on “Frankencameras,” with the Camera Doctor himself.

Brooklyn Film Camera

A relative upstart, Brooklyn Film Camera was founded by a small team of film enthusiasts and former Impossible Project employees and has quickly become a hotspot for film photographers, in Bushwick, Brooklyn. They sell a range of film cameras, including Yashica-Mats and Zero Image Pinhole cameras made from teak wood, but they specialize in Polaroid Instant cameras. In addition to selling cameras, film, and accessories, and hosting workshops, BFC is sought after for their repair, restoration, and customization (skinning service) of Polaroid SX-70 and SLR 680 Polaroid cameras.


Gleaning a bit of information from friends, I have been told that Precision Camera Works, in Chicago, is good for a range of repairs, especially large and medium format camera systems, that DAG Camera Parts near Madison, Wisconsin, is the go-to for Leica and Minox. Walters Camera Repairs is an all-around locale for vintage film and digital cameras.

Help Us Build a List of Repair Shops

Again, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list, and the main purpose of this article is to have readers comment about repair shops in their area and create a viable listing for fellow photographers to reference when they need to repair their digital camera or revitalize the film camera they found after doing a bit of spring cleaning. Please let us know about your favorite camera repair shop, and in which city it is located.


Hi, I can give  a very good review for the Nippon Photo Clinic, being a professional Fashion & Advertising photographer working in NYC  from 1977 down the long and winding road to San Francisco... They are the best and most experienced for his High end gear. All my Hassleblad's, and Nikons, Leica M body were serviced there. Totally high end work, and you get what you pay them for.Quality ! FrederickBlum.photographer.

Thanks so much for the comment Frederick, I also have had only good experiences there.

So in just one year there seems to be an issue with Precision Camera Works. The link in the article does not work, the article says it is located in Chicago, and if you google the business it comes up somewhere in California.

I have no experience with this business, and mean them no disrespect. I am simply commenting that for an article a lost how fast the repair industry has disappeared, one year later their are further changes.

Personally I am looking to have a Hasselblad lens serviced due to sticky aperture blades, and I have found a fellow named David Odess in New England. I have yet to reach out to him though.

Bob relocated to California. He is very much in business. I just sent him my Mamiya 7 repair, serviced it in 4 weeks.

Thanks for the update Bob...  this website seems up to date.


Kohne Camera & Photo

120 W S Boundary St, Perrysburg, OH 43551



I have not done repair by them but did purchase a used camera from them. They were meticulous in checking over every function and making sure they all worked properly before selling it to me. I have inquired about other old equipment  and they assured me they could fix it (assuming they can get the part). They came across to me as a responsible and reliable business with good customer service. 

Bad experience at PhotoTech. Brought my camera to check a damage and get a quote. 

The guy didn't even check in detail (because I did and knew what was working and what didn't) but still send me a quote for 50% of replacement value. Sure, replacing half of the camera parts will have a good chance of fixing it.

I even left attached a cheap, almost unused lens just not to taking it back home in my pocket. Guess what? They showed me a $100 fixing quote (again 50% replacement) for something in perfect shape.

I still have fond memories of Marty Forscher fixing my Pentax lenses in 1965-66 when they rattled apart internally while motorbiking in Bermuda when I was 16 - he was very kind, reasonable, and helpful. End of an era with his passing!

Thanks for this!  Can you tell me what happened to the Flash Clinic and the wonderful Peter Loo?  Thanks!