The Store Inside the SuperStore: The B&H Used Department


Did you know there is a virtually separate camera store that lives inside the B&H Photo SuperStore, in New York City? The B&H Used Department can be found at the top of the staircase leading to the second floor of B&H Photo’s expansive showrooms or online! There you can sell your used gear, or you can purchase used gear in great condition. Not only does it have a selection of rare and vintage film cameras, but you can also find the latest digital bodies and lenses, as well as gently used items from almost every other line of products B&H Photo sells—including lighting, video, pro audio, computer, and home entertainment products.

Selling Your Gear to The B&H Used Department

The B&H Used Department employees take pride in paying full market value for your used equipment, and will buy your gear, either at our New York City location or over the Internet—and they have been doing it for more than 40 years!

B&H Used Department

If you come to B&H Photo in Midtown Manhattan, you can bring your photo, video, pro audio, or lighting gear to our Trade-In counter through the side entrance on 34th Street. A B&H expert will check out your gear, test it, and quote you a price for the trade-in. If you accept the offer, you will get either a check, store credit, or electronic B&H Gift Card.

If you’re not in New York City, hit the B&H Photo website and simply click on Cash in Your Gear. You will be able to get a quote for whatever you are selling (if it’s not too obscure). B&H will tell you exactly how much you will get for your item based on its condition, and they will send you a shipping label, allowing you to mail the item to New York City, free of charge. Did you find your grandparent’s old camera in the closet? Did you stumble across a photographic gold mine at a garage sale? For almost whatever you have, the B&H Used Department might be interested in buying it, and our price quotes have been 98% accurate over the years—usually, if we tell you you’ll receive a certain amount for selling us your gear, you will be paid that amount.

Once your gear arrives at the store, a team of technicians will carefully evaluate the item to make sure it is in good working condition. If it passes this test, it goes onto the shelf and onto the website for purchase and you get paid in the form of a check or B&H Photo gift card (electronic or physical).

Do you need some extra cash and have old equipment that you wish to clear out? Are you thinking about abandoning brand loyalty and switching to a new camera manufacturer, while simultaneously looking to economize on your new gear? Or, are you ready to upgrade to the latest and greatest model of your favorite camera? The B&H Used Department is a convenient and easy place to accomplish any of those tasks!

Please note that we do not accept used computer equipment for trade-in—only photo, video, pro audio, and lighting gear. “Used” computer gear originates from other sources such as open box specials, etc.

Buying Used Gear from the B&H Used Department

Are you in the market for some photo, video, pro audio, computer, or home entertainment gear? What about an un-crashed drone? Look no further than the B&H Used Department!

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced+ Quadcopter

On the B&H Photo website you can peruse the thousands and thousands of used products that we sell and see a very accurate condition rating for whatever piques your interest. Again, the Used Department not only has cameras, we sell lighting gear, camera bags, computers, pro audio gear, televisions, and almost anything else that B&H Photo Video sells. Are you looking for a new desktop or laptop, but you don’t need the performance (or cost) of the latest PC or Mac? Check out the Used Department for your next digital companion.

Also, in the environmentally conscious world of today, don’t forget that buying used items is a form of recycling, and recycling benefits us all! Aside from saving your hard-earned cash, this is just one more reason to feel good about purchasing a used item.

If you are shopping online, you will see that every item in the Used Department gets a rating describing its condition. Just like the gear that you sold to B&H Photo, everything is thoroughly tested and inspected before it hits the department shelves. Any item that is rated a 10 is likely an unused returned item or something that never really left the box for one reason or another.

B&H Used Equipment Rating System

Cosmetic Ratings Only!

We only sell used equipment that has been tested and proven to be in good working order.

OB Like new with open box and full manufacturer's warranty or 1-year B&H warranty
D Never owned; used for demonstration purposes only
10 Pre-owned equipment that looks good as new; no signs of wear
9+ Pre-owned equipment that shows little to no signs of wear
9 Shows some signs of use; may exhibit minor scuffs or surface marks but overall looks very clean
8+ Shows moderate wear, scuffing or marks to finish
8 Well used―may exhibit "dings" or noticeable marks to finish
7 Shows considerable wear and above-average signs of use

Every item sold by B&H’s Used Department comes with our own 90-day parts and labor warranty (or longer for open box items). For many items, you may also purchase supplemental warranty coverage. Please refer to our "warranty policies" or ask your sales associate for details.

The B&H Used Department does not distinguish between "gray market" and USA-warranted merchandise for any item we sell. These distinctions are primarily important for warranty purposes for new merchandise; since all the merchandise sold through our Used Department is outside the manufacturer's warranty period, in almost every case, the issue is moot.

You should be aware that while almost all the items sold through our Used Department no longer qualify for the original manufacturer's warranty, certain manufacturers in the USA will not service goods whose original provenance was gray market, even for a fee. However, in almost every case, service is available through independent repair facilities.

Although all the gear has passed tests to be pronounced fit for sale, there is a generous 30-day return policy on used equipment if something were to happen.

The Resurgence of Film

Are you ready to shoot film for the first time, or get back into the photographic medium with which you grew up?

The Used Department is stocked full of used film cameras and equipment, including beautiful Leica M rangefinders, classic Nikon SLRs, twin lens Rolleiflex masterpieces, and gorgeous Mamiya medium format systems. At the film counter in the store, the crew has well over a century of film photography experience, and they are happy to guide you to a great purchase of a new (to you) film camera.

As you probably know, there has been a resurgence in the world of film photography, unfortunately, no one is really making 35mm film cameras anymore. Because of this, supply has been down while demand has been steadily increasing. If you have a long-unused film camera at home, B&H Photo has a home for it on the Used Department shelves, where it will await an excited student just entering the magical world of film photography, or a new owner looking for a great retro picture-making experience. If you want to step away from the weight of the digital world and try the purity of film, come to the B&H Used Department, in New York, or head online and get yourself a beautiful Canon AE-1, Nikon FM2, or Olympus OM-1, then pick up a lens and a roll of film and go shooting!

Deeper Discounts

Are you in the market for even more savings? Check out the Used Department Outlet's ever-changing inventory of photo, video, audio, lighting, consumer electronics, and more!

Used Department Outlet

The Mini Camera Museum

Last, but not least, if you get to New York and visit the B&H Photo Video SuperStore, be sure to swing by the Used Department to see our collection of rare cameras on view in the Camera Museum vitrines (before someone buys the ones that are for sale)!

Do you have your own story about shopping at the B&H Used Department? Any classic cameras you want to find? Leave a comment below with your experiences and wishes! Or, if you have a question for our Used Department, please email them directly at [email protected].