Used Video

Choosing Used Video Equipment

Used video equipment comprises of a wide range of professional and consumer video gear. From cameras and lenses to digital video recorders and monitors, you can use video equipment for a variety of applications. Videographers utilize used camcorders to record weddings and other special occasions, while hobbyist photographers look to used cameras for family photo shoots. Purchasing video equipment is also a significant investment, so buying used is a smart option to consider as it can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Types of Used Video Cameras

Action Cameras

Action cameras are known as point-of-view cameras or POV cameras, as they give the viewer a first-person perspective. Unique mounting adapters allow you to wear the device on your head or attach it to your bike while the camera records what you're seeing. Larger spherical cameras are now on the market, providing 360-degree recording for virtual reality experiences, while cameras attached to remote-controlled aircraft units called drones let you take spectacular aerial photos and videos.


Camcorder and video camera models in the Used department range from simple consumer models to more sophisticated professional units. The pro models include those with interchangeable lenses and integrated LCD screens for monitoring. You'll find used video lenses, to help you get the right shot in every situation, while used camcorder batteries will help ensure you have enough backup power so you don't miss any of the action.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are the main component of closed-circuit TV systems for security purposes. Security teams often use a special type of robotic, remote-controlled PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera to monitor and record movement in specific security areas. Most have special features including night vision and outdoor-rated, vandal-resistant enclosures. You can employ used professional video cameras for a variety of other applications, including conference room interviews or meetings

Types of Used Video Support Equipment

Support equipment runs the gamut from recorders and players to monitors. Be sure to choose everything you'll need for your home or business setup.

Players and Recorders

This group of professional video equipment includes devices with the specific function of recording video and/or playing back video. This can be a simple DVD player for home use, or a complicated digital signage media player, allowing for remote scheduling and the changing of screen content from anywhere in the world. DVRs are what security companies use to record multiple cameras simultaneously, and to search and play back the recorded videos.

Video Monitors

Video monitors include both on-camera monitors and production monitors. Simply put, on-camera units attach directly to your camera, allowing you to monitor what the camera is recording. Production monitors are larger television-style units that you mount in a rack, mount on a wall, or sit on a tabletop. Both types of video monitors include on-screen monitoring tools, such as waveform, vectorscope, and focusing aids. You can add sunshades and other accessories to your monitors to make work in the field easier.

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