Vape and Crepe: Hands On the Flagship Nikon D5 + SB-5000


There are some cameras that you can’t help but be impressed with, and as Nikon’s latest flagship it should come as no surprise that the D5 is one of those cameras.

Disclaimer: Although this is an article about photography, the views on vaping expressed in this video are those of the individuals alone and do not reflect the opinions or policies of B&H Photo.

In our hunt for a subject to test the camera with, we found Wilfredo Ortiz, a 26-year-old Air Force veteran who recently opened up two businesses on Wyckoff Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn. His primary focus is Creative Vape: a hip-hop-inspired vape shop that also serves as a gallery for local artists to show off their work and as a lounge for the community members to come and hang out. Next door you will find his second endeavor, Creative Crepe and Coffee, which he operates with his business partner Malwina Gutierrez. After looking up some vape tricks and always being in the mood for a delicious crepe, we got in touch to put the D5 to the test.

Left: ISO 2000; 1/100 sec.; f/2.8   Right: ISO 25600; 1/640 sec.; f/3.5

Another reason that vaping piqued our interest was because of the huge explosion in popularity over the past year or two, and new FDA regulations set to take place today, August 08, 2016, concerning how the vaping industry will function and evolve in the near future. As an interesting and newsworthy topic that can deliver some unique shots, it felt like the perfect opportunity for this flagship camera.

Refined Feel and Controls

When you are out shooting, the last thing you want to do is think about how to change a setting. You need it to be second nature so there is nothing preventing you from capturing the decisive moment. The D5 is near perfect in this regard. Almost everything is mapped to a physical button, dial, or joystick and on top of that the D5 adds what I found to be the near perfect amount of touchscreen functionality.

AF Fisheye-NIKKOR 16mm f/2.8D; ISO 3200; 1/640 sec.; f/2.8Shawn C Steiner

At first, the 3.2” 2.36m-dot touchscreen seemed out of place on a “pro” camera, however after swiping through images to review and tapping to select AF points during video it just made sense. They don’t go overboard with it, which is why it shines. You won’t be using it to navigate the menu or select settings (there are buttons for that) but the added functionality is a very nice touch. Two extra screens are also available to check a variety of settings, one on the top panel and one underneath the touchscreen.

Picking up the camera, it felt surprisingly light compared to its looks. I’m not saying it is a lightweight camera by any means, but it’s balance and ergonomics positioned the weight well, and didn’t wear me out after a day of shooting. The grip is also perfectly contoured and has just the right amount of “stick.” The camera feels secure but you can still move around with ease. And, of course, the camera is built like a tank. The D5 is a camera that can go through hell and back and still work perfectly fine afterwards. Also, during some rainy days in NYC, or a few hours in a vapor-filled storefront, I never felt worried that the camera was going to falter or that I had to put it away before an errant drop ruined everything.

AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G; ISO 3200; 1/1250 sec.; f/1.4Shawn C. Steiner

Something I’ve missed since going mirrorless is the optical viewfinder, and the D5’s makes me want one even more. Spacious, comfortable, and bright, this finder makes it easy to compose your shots. One other thing that makes the D5 great is an abundance of function buttons. Never a bad thing, these programmable buttons can be a game changer if you have an uncommon setting that you need to adjust often. These can be found on the front around the lens mount, near the vertical shutter release, and on the back of the camera. A bonus feature I discovered was that most of the rear buttons are backlit, making it a great camera for working in dim locations.

Stellar Low-Light Performance & Image Quality

Along with a body design that helps out in low light, the D5 has a mind-boggling top sensitivity of ISO 3,280,000. Now, this maxed out setting isn’t exactly usable and the native range “only” goes up to ISO 102400, but this camera gives you the freedom to shoot at some pretty high ISO settings without any worries. For example, I was comfortable going upwards of ISO 6400 in order to grab action shots in the relatively dim shop.

Besides low noise levels and good dynamic range, the D5 manages to impart a feeling into the images it creates. It is almost indescribable, but in the way it handles colors, highlights, and shadows it is able to create a photograph that is so much more than just technically sound. There is a three-dimensionality brought to the photo that gives it a bit more nuance, texture, and depth.

Dynamic range was great. I used Capture One 9 to process the images and it was surprising how much detail could be pulled from what I thought was a blown out window. Shadows are equally malleable, with underexposed images able to transform into well-lit scenes with ease. This is due to the sensitivity of the 20.8MP FX-format CMOS sensor. Resolution is respectable as well; it may not be the 36MP of the D810, but it is the perfect tradeoff for the type of photography the camera is designed for, namely sports, action, weddings, and photojournalism. Enough detail is retained without slowing down your camera or computer, saving you time when you transfer or process your images.


Blazing Fast

Shooting at 12 fps with AF is impressive, but what is arguably more impressive is the speed with which it can write to the dual card slots. Using a pair of Lexar 2933x XQD 2.0 cards, with one set for raw and the other to fine JPEG, any reasonable burst of 1-3 seconds was done writing before I had time to check if the green writing LED was on. Also, startup was instant, shutter lag was nonexistent, and button presses had an immediate effect. What really makes a camera fast is how easily a photographer can use it and change settings. In this case the D5 and its EXPEED 5 processor could easily be faster than the shooter.

Let’s talk about autofocus now. It is among the best I’ve ever used. No longer can photographer blame a missed shot on their camera, if you missed focus it’s because you missed the shot. Spec-wise the AF system uses 153 points on a dedicated sensor to track subjects, and it does so with ease. Users can choose a variety of different focus point settings and have full and immediate control using the rear joysticks. The 3D tracking mode was surprisingly good, not being distracted even in a vapor-filled environment with individuals who are creating clouds in front of themselves. This would no question be a problem for many other AF systems, but the D5 manages to track a face and eyes despite these obstacles.

Taking things up a notch I put it in 3D tracking and bumped the continuous shooting speed up. The D5 delivered with ease. With this level of reliability in a focusing system, it means that the photographer is now free to focus on the more important things, such as composition. Here is a series of images showing how the D5 handled a dark scene and vape tricks.

I could talk all day about how good the autofocus is and how well the camera performs in low light, but I want to get to some of the smaller features that make the D5 a complete system. For tethering and file transfer shooters can use either a USB 3.0 or Ethernet connection, both very fast options for filing your photos. Also, users can choose from a variety of image qualities, including a 12-bit small raw file that can improve file transfer speeds without sacrificing too much quality. Another nice feature is the automatic AF Fine Tune which has the camera automatically detect and assign a value to correct for back and front focusing with each individual lens.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is the battery life, which is very long. For a weekend of shooting I didn’t need to worry about running out of juice.

Bringing Radio Flash into the Mix

The D5 and D500 introduce a new radio flash system with the SB-5000 AF Speedlight, something I did have the opportunity to play with during my time with the camera. I’m happy to say that the system is very reliable, once you get it going that is. The system is a little convoluted to set up, and then once it is you are reliant on the D5’s menu system to making changes to your groups and flashes.

This Advanced Wireless System is a welcome addition to the Nikon ecosystem, as many photographers have been waiting for a native option. But, many other photographers have already made the jump to one of many currently available radio triggers. These third-party options are generally more simplistic, but that is also considered a plus for many working photographers who prefer manual control. In all honesty, I don’t think I would quite understand the new Nikon system if I didn’t work for B&H. It requires the WR-A10 and WR-R10 to add radio transmission to the camera, and even then you have to make sure that they have the firmware updated at the factory to v3.0 in order to get functionality.

AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G; ISO 2500; 1/125 sec.; f/3.5Shawn C Steiner

After you get the right tools to work this system, you have to work with the SB-5000 as there is no way to bring older flashes into the system. You can use a flash on-camera as an optical master, allowing for triggering of multiple flashes in a variety of different systems if you please. And while pairing is a relatively simple affair, this whole process is not intuitive and not that streamlined.

The new SB-5000 flash is great however, and smaller than the previous SB-910. Controlling the flash from its own screen and menu system is quite intuitive, though a few exploratory button presses were required to learn about it anyone familiar with Nikon’s flash system will feel right at home. While being triggered wirelessly it was perfectly reliable, always going off, and since it has a new cooling system I wasn’t concerned about rapid firing. It is definitely deserving of its flagship position.

4K Video

Moving beyond stills we have a new to Nikon option for recording UHD 4K video. This was one of the most talked-about features when the D5 and D500 were announced and I was interested in testing it out. It takes a central crop of the sensor, about 1.5x or DX format, in order to achieve a 1:1 pixel readout, resulting in less moiré and aliasing, which I can say it definitely didn’t have. Not having the option for full-frame shooting was a little annoying but for UHD 4K video dealing with a Super35 equivalent area is not a huge deal as most professional video cameras offer the same sensor size.

When we delve deeper into the 4K specs, it is great that we have internal recording, and as of the latest firmware update, the D5 can now record up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds without stopping. One caveat to this is that it will split the files into smaller 4 GB chunks, which can be a hassle in post-production. For external recording the D5 has a Mini HDMI port which can output an 8-bit 4:2:2 image with greater color fidelity. And, along with all of this we have access to Nikon’s Flat Picture Control mode, which provides more flexibility during color grading. It isn’t quite as good as a genuine log gamma, but it is much better than using a basic neutral picture profile.

At 100 Mbps, the D5 retains great detail in the internally-recorded footage. The color is also quite good, likely pulling some magic from Nikon’s stills processing in order to reach a very similar look. One feature I personally found spectacular was that you could set a Picture Control, such as Flat, to be the video setting without affecting your stills choice. This made switching between stills and video on the fly much, much easier. AF for video is effectively nonexistent, though choosing a focus selection with the touchscreen is really nice.

Overall, the UHD 4K video is a great addition to an already spectacular stills camera, but if you are looking exclusively for a top notch video camera you should look elsewhere at this price point.

AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED; ISO 1000; 1/800 sec.; f/4Shawn C Steiner


As a still photographer’s camera, the D5 will meet and exceed the professional demands that will likely be thrust upon it. It is speedy, reliable, and most certainly deserving of its position as Nikon’s new flagship. The SB-5000 AF Speedlight sits nicely right alongside it, but a slightly complicated system keeps the radio system from really hitting its full potential. For dedicated video shooters it gets a little tricky, as the UHD 4K video option, while quite nice, doesn’t ‘wow’ when compared to more video-centric options. As a new flagship hybrid camera for photographers looking to expand into video, it would be tough to find a better option.

AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED at 24mm; ISO 2000; 1/500 sec.; f/2.8Shawn C Steiner

Special thanks to Wilfredo Ortiz and Malwina Gutierrez of Creative Vape and Creative Crepe and Coffee, located in Brooklyn, NY at 894 Wyckoff Ave. You can follow them on Instagram @CreativeVape and @CreativeCrepeandCoffee.


Please feel free to post any thoughts or questions you have about this article in the Comments section, below.



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 been a while since Nikon impressed me, but they’ve gone and done it here with this camera. The D800 was an eye opener, but since then there haven’t been any real wow moments. Not until now anyway. That wireless setup is something I’d probably never use, but I’d like to see and read about some more testing with it on the shoe. The 910 was a solid speedlight and I’d need a real good reason to consider upgrading.

I for one don't think we should be so quick to label these peoples as "crepes" just because they prefer electronic cigarettes to the real thing.

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I, for one, am really happy a this article. Before I discovered vaping the only ways I had to compensate for my obvious shortcomings were to get stupid tattoos and collect knives. But now I can blow a big ol' cloud and show the world that I am a force to be reckoned with! Sure, there are deleterious health effects, but those who know me say it's for the best. Thanks vaping!

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Thanks for this, B&H. Vaping changed my life, to be honest. I used to smoke 2 packs a day. I weighed 450 lbs. Ate a bucket of ice cream a day. I don't mean a bucket as a humorous exaggeration, referring to a pint or smaller container. I filled up a four-gallon BUCKET with ice cream and topped it off with a CUP of chocolate sauce, three handfuls of whipped cream, and 12 oz of caramel, and then went to town on that bad boy til there was nothin' left in it. Every day!

Vaping didn't do anything to change my eating habits, to be honest. I still weigh a solid 425. But at least I'm done with cigarettes. And I can do sweet vape tricks like the Arabian Girl with the Ribbon, the Monte Carlo Motorboat, the Siamese Wheezer, and the Blustery Cornhusker. So life's pretty great, if you ask me. 

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Wow - the article on PP dicnt get any comments, looks like you're on target here. I'm impressed with this  body but that's to be expected I guess. That lens looks sweet - what a combo. Thanks for the peek under the hood! 


I had to pinch myself. Some of the comments made here are among the weirdest things I've seen in my life:

"Cloudman 1

Love it! Well done, Shawn!

And I know a thing or two about this stuff. I'm interested in this D5--seeing how it captures those gnarly smoke rings!

I don't wanna brag, but I've been called the LeBron James of Vaping. I've got 9 first-place trophies from various states, and I just got tapped to appear in a cameo in the upcoming film, "The Vape Diaries." I don't know who's starring in it yet, but I hope it's the dude from "Twilight." 

They're not paying me, per se, but they are offering me 4 vape juice bottles of my choosing. So sick. I'm thinkin' Banana Ice Box Cake, Strawberry Marmalade, S'mores, and Twice-Baked Potato with Bacon "

???????'s hard to know where to begin with almost 200 comments preceding this, some of such staggering strangeness that I'm at a loss. I'm not into vaping, but the shots were spot-on, top-notch, and the photographer/writer clearly knows his stuff very well. Excellent job reviewing the experience of using the D5. Sure, a different venue would have been ideal, but still a well-done review

Innovative way to cover a relatively new camera.

Most coverage of high end equipment is tech heavy and frankly boring. I don't smoke or vape, but I'm glad to see articles that at least attempt to break the mold of 'nerdy twenty-something white dude standing in front of lighting rig and half naked woman talking about specs'. Nobody here would be whining if you tested this camera it in front of a naked woman for an environmental lifestyle shoot. It's disengenuous to complain about this choice of topic.  

Reality is, we use our cameras both in and out of the studio, and clients from ALL background will hire us for our services. It's great to see B&H exploring this reality. I don't understand all of the hate in the below discussion. It's imperative that photography remain an open, inviting and diverse form of expression. 

Source: I'm a professional photographer with over a decade of experience and I currently run a photography booking company that facilitates youth apprenticeships in New Orleans. 

I stand by you, B&H, just as I have for several years now. I echo the instructions to fear not the naysayers and haters who claim they're leaving you. You've earned new customers from this, and I--along with many other existing customers--am impressed and encouraged to continue buying from you. Way to take a risk. Thanks for the interesting read & photos. 

Good for you, B&H! Don't worry about the weird comments and the haters and the negative stuff. The photos are excellent and the article is a detailed, engaging, and informative review! I for one am a new customer who is intrigued by this and, for me, it's a positive. If any of these people who say they're no longer buying from you are for real, you've earned yourself another several customers to replace them--because I've got friends who want the D5 and really liked your piece. Stay bold! Thanks. 

I like this - no oressure and no fan-boy hype. I'm rethinking my D750 purchase now. The D5's speed seems unbeatable. 

I get that you wanted break out of the mold of weddings and other events- even though that's how most of us pay our bills- but you could have done so without writing a pro-vaping PSA. My firm will no longer be buying from you B&H. I hope you use your audience more carefully in the future. 

I smoked for almost 30 years. It was one of the worst decisions I have made in my life. I deal with a lot of young men and women as I'm a photography teacher at a community college. For a while I had noticed a big decline in these young people smoking, which made me very happy. But in the last few years I have seen an influx of these same kids vaping. It's a shame, as there had been such progress in stopping tobacco use. I used to recommend B&H to all of my students, but I cannot continue to do so in good faith. 

Hello Mr. Stone,

Sorry you feel this way about the piece. However, one of the major reasons that we chose vaping was because of a lot of people we know using it as a tool to stop smoking, which I hope you can appreciate. We also picked it as it is a newsworthy topic with recent regulations being put into place. Hopefully you will find future articles and work here more to your liking.

I have a 16 year old son. As you may know, children of that age can be quite moody and withdrawn. One of the few ways we really still relate is through our shared love of photography. We both read this blog, and compare notes at dinner. So you can understand my disgust with this article. I'm no Puritan, and I live in the real world. I understand that people have some bad habits, I just didn't think I would have seen them promoted HERE. I am going to get him a new camera for his exemplary work in his extra credit classes this summer. I was going to pick it here, like I always have. But after this I guess I will have to check out Adorama. 

Im very disappointed with the choice of subject matter here. I can appreciate wanting to cover something beyond the usual wedding or nature photography stuff, but this wasn't it. You are in NYC- a talented photographer armed with a handful of releases could capture some really great stuff from all the street performers right outside your doors. 

Nice article, I got alot out of it. I.m pretty sure I'll go for the CF version but those blazin' fast XQDs are temping. 

Hi Paul,

I know its easier to pick up the CF version if you have a ton of extra cards hanging around, but the XQD cards were extremely impressive. Now, it is worth noting that Nikon will service the camera for a price to change the card slots if you decide later on to switch.

Yup...this was one of the real head scratchers:


Super Impressed Guy, 

You're totally right about those tricks you mentioned. I was at a comp in Georgia once, and my buddy Jacques was tryin' to film me on an iPhone 5. The groovy Juiceball didn't come out quite right--not clear enough--and the Roanoke Soap monster...its whole essence seemed to get lost. It was probably the best one I ever did, too. And you know how hard that one is.

The tickling tentacle turned out better than expected, so that was good, but my naughty nana came out in the picture looking more like a cross between a hairy Herbert and a bad chaplain. If you can picture what I mean. 

I was happy with the way the sleepy Otis came out--thrilled, really--but then I tried a crooked Wookie that may as well have been an angry jackson. Good grief! Definitely gotta grab a D5! 

You're tellin' me...I thought the Dungeons & Dragons forums I used to visit got really odd sometimes. But this beats those by a wide margin.'s like stepping into a portal to Bizarro World or something! Tommy P, did you see the posts from Darth Vaper, Seth, Perfect Circle, and Hot Carl? Some of the strangest stuff I've ever read.



What is going on here? Wow, this article has attracted some real weirdos. Like JD Redvines below, who wrote,

"Awwww yeah! Good article! 

Perfect Circle & Hot Carl, I can tell I could learn a lot from you. Question: I've been vaping for a few years and just started the competition thing. Lovin' it so far! But I'm having some difficulty with a trick and was hoping for a tip. 

Have you ever been trying to do a West Virginia Wiggleworm, but found that it ended up looking more like a Mississippi Mustache Ride? Any suggestions?! Thanks!

Also, Hot Carl, it's such an honor. I'm a huge fan! I saw you at that comp in Jersey where you vaped & shaped an Alaskan Lumberjack, then turned it into a Brando Sandblaster--and then somehow molded it so artfully into the best Leaky Creamboat I've ever seen! It was amazing, sir. 

I was so stunned I couldn't even speak for like three hours. I hope I get that good one day."


The battle cry of the internet troll..... Stop liking what I don’t like! 

Great story, wonderful read. Thank you for having a clue and not mentioning wedding photography, event shooting, or ‘being artsy’. Thank you for not taking pix in Central Park or some other tourist trap. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
The write speed you described was a missing fact out there and your description was exactly what I was looking for; that was a great point to cover. I almost wish you did a short clip of it; That type of speed is hard to get across in words alone.
I’m going to share this with everyone on Monday – I guarantee you’re going to get a ton of new followers on this blog. I can’t explain why, so lets just say you struck a nerve in a very good way here. Cheers.

If there anything like these new 'readers' please don't. This place is ruined for me now. 

Oh lord...everyone off your soapboxes! I'm guessing if this were shot in a saloon, everyone would be fine with it! I dont drink, but that would not stop me from buying from B&H.

Always about the children...who are already hopped up on pharmaceuticals that they either swiped from mommy, or were prescribed from our dubious medical community. I am thinking vaping rather than smoking is the lesser of all the evils above.

Harm reduction. Nothing in this world is 100% safe. Not the air we breathe, nor the water we drink, the food we eat. Vaping is about harm reduction from smoking! It has been villified because its taking precious money from Big Tobacco and Pharma. The FDA doesnt give a rats behind about your health. 

Oh...I am on a soapbox! Kudos B&H....I will still buy!



Regardless of whether or not you like vaping and crepes, I thought this was a very well written article that really highlighted the strengths of this camera. Great looking photos and video. Well done.

Yeah, being on Vaping with the Stars would be SO sweet. But it's tough. So much competition. And you've gotta have the right look sometimes, too. I'm waiting for my shot, though. It's gonna come. One day soon. Get ready! Vape 4 Life, yo!

I really thought at first that this was the most unlikely venue for a camera review , but it really is so much more entertaining than a typical one . Granted I use a canon 5D series but the Nikon has always been to me and everyone that knows "tomato tomahtow" nevertheless , the real world complexities of light not always playing in your favor when shooting lifestyle moments is something that can separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to sensors , ISO and noise. Some of these I had to be thoroughly amazed because at 2500 , its such a thing "oh but it's a Nikon high end camera " yeah but my cam is a high end camera and 2500 is usually a lot more detectable than what I was seeing . The article is as playful as it is literal and informative with regard to function and form, I think it's a great job of bringing new parts of society into the fold so I give a loud and resounding bravo! Having a lot of knowledge in this area , it's not controversial to me . I do not enjoy attacking subject matter when I do not know what I'm talking about either . Some do , but this is about a camera and a very innocuous thing . People treat it like you're shooting a clan rally or something need to separate their unwarranted feelings from the shooters intentions and also ... People don't really know much so I can't hold it against them , it's not their fault that the media has runaway with bs truths ... Nobody likes to point out the real studies that have come out of oxford UK that make most concerns people have to rest . It's again not a forum for debate here but to me , If one is not going to say they were not able to extract information that helped them understand the camera and it's shooting abilities , perhaps it's time to revisit a reading & comprehension class . 



I don't think that being able to extract some useful information is what people are objecting to. Yes, there some good shots taken with camera. And I don't think anyone is questioning the authors grasp of word usage and grammar. What I, and others, are taking issue with is the very one-sided view being taken on this subject. If the author had pointed out those issues from jump, then there would likely be no issues. But, as written, it seems like the article is a propaganda piece for the vaping industry. In my eyes this shows a lack of journalistic integrity, and destroys this blogs credibility. And B&H credibility because they choose to run it. All I know is that I will look elsewhere when it's time to make camera and electronics purchases in the future. 

A propaganda piece? Far from it. I think vaping is pretty lame but obviously a lot of people disagree. The story is clearly a piece about a gentleman who started a pair of businesses in his own neighborhood. The story has zero to do with the vaping industry as a whole. Although I don't understand why someone would promote a vaping story at the end of the day I'm not the only person on the planet. In my opinion the story is an interesting one from a story viewpoint as well as the technological side of the camera.

B&H is an excellent company. It is simply not realistic that a reader will agree with every story written by anyone. I can assure you the depth of the B&H organization goes far beyond this story. To use this story as a reason to shop elsewhere sems to be a strong overreaction to a story with not a lot of significance and/or meaning.

I am not a B&H employee but I have dealt with them for maybe 25 years or so. There are few companies that begin to approach B&H in quality. I think it would be worthwhile to reexamine a decision to leave them.

Know what else is a timely topic in the news? Sports--which this camera was designed to shoot! And about a thousand other things more interesting than vaping! Seriously. Vaping? Are you KIDDING me?

I think B&H is still very credible. They posted that disclaimer in red regarding the statements made in the video, after all, so they're covered there. Sure, vaping isn't my cup of tea personally, but I don't think it's so bad. They could've done a lot worse! 

This wasn't a pro-vaping PSA. It did focus a lot on vaping, but it's not a propaganda piece so much. More just that it's hard to shoot, and a timely topic in the news.

Good to see you guys are bteaking away from the typical boring chatter most reviewers are stuck in. I read this 2x and watched the video 3x. Had to seitch to Chrome brcause Safari wasn't playing nice. 

Nice work hete, audio sounds good but thete was some erirdness - probably just my iphone or browser acting up though. Focus tracking looks spot on. That glass is awesome, need to pick one of them up for sure. 

Got a kick out of the boo/hiss crowd below, gotta pity the closeminded sorts though. It's 2016, people should accept that and realize the need for innovation and getting into new ways of thinking. My one critiwue hete is that I wish the article was longer and maybe had some more 4k under different lighting. Besides that - 5 stars. 




As a medical professional I need to strongly disagree with you. Endorsing a product with unknown health effects is irresponsible at best. There was zero regulation on these items, and their spokesmen were deliberately spouting false rhetoric that forced the FDA to step in. Did you know how much of this industries sales were from underage children? It has nothing to do with keeping an open mind, it has everything to with promoting a habit with such detrimental health effects. Especially because so much of it is directly marketed to children. Shame on you B&H, shame on you! I, nor any of my coworkers at Northwell, will be shopping here anymore. It's a shame too- I'm a long time Nikon shooter. I guess I'll have to look somewhere else to make my purchase. 

Look what this article has done to this blog! I used to enjoy coming here, and reading articles on the various subjects your in-house writers come up with. But you really lost me with this one, and I'm certain plenty of others. Besides destroying your credibilty by posting disinformation, you have turned this page into a bigger punchline than even Scott Baio himself could have. Well done B&H, well done.

Yup--the vaping thing was a silly choice in my opinion. The crepes look awesome. Def wanna grab a D5, but wish I'd seen a better demo of its capabilities with photos that were of a more captivating subject--and didn't have anything to do with vaping. Seemed like someone who was really into vaping decided that's what the article should focus on. That part's a shame. Photographer did well - just wish he had a better thing to shoot. 

Put those crepes in my belly! But seriously, I want no part in the vaping. Really, B&H? That makes me sad. But the crepes look awesome! And Shawn did a fine job with the article given what he had to work with. 

But again--what in tarnation was with the vapin?! 

No. No. Vaping? No. No way. Nope. I refuse to believe that this was the subject chosen for the D5 review. This didn't happen. I'm gonna wake up in a minute, right? 

This can't be real. NYC with all the amazing things it has to offer, and this is what B&H comes up with? Guess the knitting tournaments are all done for the season...

Sweetheart, I like knitting. So I'll take that as an insult. In fact, I think that would make an EXCELLENT topic for a future review about a camera. And what, exactly may I ask, is it that you dislike so much about vaping? Do you even know what it is? Why people do it? Are you even from New York? I'm guessing not to all of the above. Peace.

I was looking for a little light reading while I hope for a break in the clouds to give me some shots of the Perseid meteor shower, so I checked eXplora like I so often do. I'm really surprised by the subject matter of this article. You have a great night/low-light photographer in house and you chose to run a promotional piece for a product that has potentially life threatening risks. I guess I'll go somewhere else for my photo blog fix- and my camera equipment. 

 Great piece - Love the stills - you really rocked the 14-24mm. Video looks really good, how's battery life shooting 4k? 



Hi Stephan,

Battery life is great, especially compared to regular DSLRs and mirrorless, but this has to do with the massive battery more than anything else. I shot photos and video for a weekend, including a 40 minute interview, without needing to charge the battery. It got pretty close to empty at the end but was awesome.

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