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5 Reasons to Be Excited about the Panasonic GH5


Making a huge splash at Photokina, Panasonic has just unveiled early specifications and plans for the highly anticipated DMC-GH5 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera. This camera offers some massive video improvements and some other nifty tricks, so here is a list of five reasons why you should be excited for its release next summer.

6K PHOTO for Rapid 18MP Stills Capture

A standout new feature of the Panasonic GH5 has to be its 6K PHOTO mode. Functioning much like the existing high-speed burst 4K PHOTO modes with which we are already familiar, this more than doubles the resolution captured, to 18MP, or about 6000 x 3000. This means that you won’t have to sacrifice resolution to get super-fast stills capture.

4K at 60 fps, a First for Mirrorless Cameras

The GH4 was known for being the first mirrorless with 4K video; the GH5 takes the crown as the first mirrorless camera with 4K video at 60/50p. Adding these faster frame rates means that shooters no longer have to sacrifice resolution to get slow motion or a simply a crispy, faster rate of capture.

4:2:2 10-bit Video Recording

While it is great to simply add to the frame rate options, Panasonic took things a step further by adding internal 4:2:2 10-bit image capture for 4K video at up to 30 fps. This means users will be able to enjoy improved color fidelity without needing to spring for additional tools.

Newly Developed 20MP Micro Four Thirds Sensor

As with almost every new camera these days, the GH5 sports a fancy new image sensor. This time it is an 20MP Micro Four Thirds sensor which, combined with upgraded digital signal processing and heat dissipation, should result in improved image quality and low-light performance.

A Compact Mirrorless Design

A part of Panasonic Micro Four Thirds ecosystem, the GH5 continues the legacy of the GH series by offering a spectacular feature set in a compact body.


Griffin what lens and ISO did you use in the bar scenes?   I'm guessing those scenes were not lit right? 

Will the Metabones Speedboosters that fit the GH4 also be compatible with the GH5?

Hi Jared,

The short answer is yes since the GH4 and GH5 both have Micro Four Thirds mounts. The longer answer is that they all will fit, but the XL versions may have some vignetting, depending on the lens being adapted. With the XL designed for the crop during video with the GH4, some lenses may not have a large enough image circle to cover the full frame of the GH5.

Does the camera have a Blub setting?  Can you take 4-6 minute exposures?  What is the noise level like at 4-6 minutes?

Hi Garry,

Yes, the GH5 does have a Bulb setting which can go up to about 30 minutes. While I can't specifically answer your noise level question, I would assume that at just 4-6 minutes noise would not be an issue as long as you are shooting at a low ISO.

Maybe i add a GH5 with my Amazing NX1

Hi Danielle,

The GH5 does look like a phenomenal camera. If you want to read more about it you should check out the official CES announcement with many more specifications and features explained right here:

Any indiaction if the camera will have IBIS

Hi Salmon,

Sorry, but we do not have this information yet. We will need to wait until Panasonic releases more information on the camera.

They just announced that it will have stabilization! 

Yes they did! If you want to find out more about the camera please see our updated announcement at the following link. This will have loads more data and specs for the GH5 and its accessories.

Awesome, can't wait to upgrade my GH4's! Any idea when it's expected to be released?

Hi John -

No official indication from Panasonic yet.  As soon as we know, we will post dates here:  Panasonic DMC-GH5 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera.  You may sign up for an e-mail notification as well.

Hi John,

Panasonic's official press release indicated they were bringing it to the global market in "early 2017." I would expect that to mean that by next summer we should be seeing the GH5 making its way to customers. But, as we have seen a few times this year, plans are always subject to change. You can read the official press release and sign up to receive information as it becomes available right here on our product page.