Adobe Releases Photoshop and Premiere Elements 15


Updating its entry-level software options, Adobe has just announced the 15th edition of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. Both of these applications now support touchscreen control for intuitive editing and organizing with touch-enabled devices, and both applications have also been refined in terms of how search, Guide Modes, and organizational control is handled, and both now offer access to an eLive function to help find the right tutorial quickly to help you complete the job.

Looking at the photo end first, Photoshop Elements 15 is a versatile image-editing application that is capable of adjusting the look and feel of photographs, as well as maintaining a well-organized library of photos. New to this edition is a clever tool that lets you transform frowns into smiles and eliminate unwanted squints in portraits to ensure everyone looks their best. A simplified Filter Gallery avails access to a range of creative preset options for adjusting the look of imagery, which works in conjunction with an updated collection of 45 Guided Edits that help you simultaneously produce and learn distinct editing techniques. On the organizational end, improved search capabilities now let you combine various search terms to find images quickly, and Smart Tags can also be automatically suggested for photos based on recognized subjects, such as sunsets, cats, birthdays, and more. Additionally, Batch Editing is now possible, too, to expedite the process of making repetitive edits.

Now, moving to the video side, Premiere Elements 15 is similarly versatile in regard to movie editing as Photoshop is to stills. Revolving around an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface, Premiere Elements supports working with 4K content and allows you to edit movies quickly, as well as share and organize your productions. The 15th edition has been updated to suit the multimedia image-maker with a new Video Collages feature, which combines stills and movies into a dynamic piece that can highlight a variety of moments in a creative manner—perfect for sharing on social media. To improve the visual quality of movies, Haze Removal has been brought over to the video side to help clear up hazy skies for increased clarity in your shots. Automatic Face Detection has been added too, to better highlight and bring attention to your main subjects, and a Remix Music function helps trim down any music file to fit the length of your clip and maintain the quality of the audio. And just as with Photoshop Elements, finished productions in Premiere Elements can be exported directly to social media sites, including Facebook and YouTube, from within the application.

In addition to the applications being available separately, they are also available in a standard edition bundle, or in a bundle for students and teachers.


Will Adobe Photoshop work with windows seven

Hi Evelyn - 

It is compatible with  Mac OS X 10.10-11 & Windows 7, 8, 10

What proof is required for the student teacher version of this software? Is an installation key provided iwth the download?

I've included a link below to Adobe's eligibility guideline.  The installation key is not included with the download.  It would be provided to you by Adobe after you've verified your eligibility with them via the same link below.

Does Premiere Elements 15 provide a direct means for creating "actions" and assigning keyboard keys to repeat those actions on individual images?