Brighten Your Walls and Benefit the Environment with Prints for Nature


This holiday season, photography and nature lovers alike have a rare opportunity to acquire world-class fine art prints while simultaneously helping to support Conservation International’s essential mission to “spotlight and secure the critical benefits that nature provides to humanity.”

Above photograph © Renan Ozturk/Prints for Nature, @renan_ozturk

This unprecedented print sale was created by National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale, who used her tremendous influence to source donated images from more than eighty-five of the world’s top photographers and notable emerging talents who work to protect people, wildlife, and the environment. In addition to Vitale’s own classic photography, contributors include luminaries such as Art Wolfe, Annie Griffiths, Brent Stirton, David Doubilet, Daniella Zalcman, Jimmy Chin, Jody MacDonald, Joel Sartore, Katie Orlinsky, Keith Ladzinski, Melissa Farlow, Michael Yamashita, Randy Olson, Steve Winter, Vince Musi, and many more.

Vitale says, "Nature has sent us a strong message and reminded us of just how small and deeply interconnected our world is. It is a powerful moment to reimagine our relationship to nature and to one another. Today, nearly 1 million species are in danger of extinction. We need to take care of this planet and to protect existing habitats. Our own health and destiny are intricately connected to the natural world and impacted by the loss of species. When we see ourselves as part of the landscape and part of nature, then we recognize that saving nature is really about saving ourselves. "

Expertly crafted by the studio of Paper & Ink, each fine art print is sized to 11 x 16" and reproduced on Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag, a 100% cotton archival rag paper designed to meet museum longevity standards. Fine art prints of this caliber typically command high prices in a gallery setting, yet participating artists have generously agreed to make these images available at a deep discount, to offer everyone the opportunity to brighten their walls and enhance their collection. Initially priced at $250.00 through Black Friday, prints are currently $275.00 each until the fundraiser ends on December 10.

While Vitale has created many such print fundraisers in the past, she views Prints for Nature as different. “It is different because of the urgency of the need it addresses,” she explains. “It is different because of the divisiveness of the moment we find ourselves in. These are times of tremendous uncertainty, and it can be difficult to see the way forward.”

© Pie Aerts / Prints for Nature, @pie_aerts
© Camille Seaman / Prints for Nature, @camilleseaman
© Michael Yamashita / Prints for Nature, @yamashitaphoto
© Jim Richardson / Prints for Nature, @JimRichardsonNG
© Robert Clark / Prints for Nature, @RobertClarkphoto
© Shazmeen Bank / Prints for Nature, @spoken_wildlife
© Stefano Unterthiner / Prints for Nature, @stefanounterthiner
© David Doubilet / Prints for Nature, @DavidDoubilet
© Steve Woods / Prints for Nature, @steve_woods_photography
© Jennifer Hayes / Prints for Nature, @jenniferhayesig
© Roie Galitz / Prints for Nature, @roiegalitz
© Jody MacDonald / Prints for Nature, @jodymacdonaldphoto
© Karine Aigner / Prints for Nature, @kaigner
© Suzi Eszterhas / Prints for Nature, @suzieszterhas
© Gurcharan Roopra / Prints for Nature, @gurcharan
© Ami Vitale / Prints for Nature, @amivitale
© Art Wolfe / Prints for Nature, @artwolfe
© Marina Cano / Prints for Nature, @marinacano
© Pete McBride / Prints for Nature, @pedromcbride
© Steve Winter / Prints for Nature, @stevewinterphoto
© Anand Varma / Prints for Nature, @anandavarma
© Daniella Zalcman / Prints for Nature, @dzalcman
© Jon McCormack / Prints for Nature, @jonmccormackphoto
© Kristi Odom / Prints for Nature, @kristiodom
© Jennifer Wu / Prints for Nature, @jenwuphoto
A small selection of works featured in the Prints for Nature fundraiser to benefit Conservation International, organized by Ami Vitale

In the midst of all these uncertainties, Vitale cites the words of Margaret Meade as an enduring conviction. “‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has.’ Together we are a community of ‘thoughtful committed individuals,’” she concludes, “and together we can change the world. Your support of initiatives like this one is where a different future begins.”

To browse all available images and to make a purchase, visit the Prints for Nature website. Vitale recently discussed this fundraiser as a guest on the B&H Photography Podcast. Find out more by listening to the episode, available here.