Canon Reveals Flagship EOS R1 Mirrorless Camera is In Development


Long awaited, long rumored, and one of the final pieces of the mirrorless transition, the Canon EOS R1 Mirrorless Camera is finally here. This 1 Series flagship is the first true successor to Canon’s legendary 1 Series of DSLRs and is coming later this year.

Canon EOS R1
Canon EOS R1 Mirrorless Camera

Details are limited in this early preview, though we can see from the picture that this is a full-size camera design much like the EOS R3. This will be a step up from the R3 which, if you remember, was very carefully stated to not be their flagship. We can only guess what technology and specifications the R1 will have but we can assume that this is going to pack a punch.

From their press release we can glean that the R1 will deliver high quality stills and video with a target audience in sports, news reporting, and video production. It will also unlock never-before-seen features thanks to the use of the DIGIC X Processor and the new DIGIC Accelerator. We will see a next-gen autofocus system and improved image quality with this new processing engine.

Canon is always developing new technology and equipping their cameras with interesting and fun new features to help photographers and videographers and the R1 is yet another major step in their ongoing journey.

Stay tuned for more details on the EOS R1 later this year and let us know your guesses (or wish list of features) for the camera in the Comments, below.