First Look | Canon SPEEDLITE 470EX-AI


In this B&H YouTube video, photographer David Flores checks out the brand-new Canon 470EX-AI Speedlite. This is the first intelligent flash, with a sensor designed to measure the distance between the Speedlite and your subject, as well as the flash-to-ceiling distance. When using the auto intelligent bounce mode, simply double-tap the shutter, and the motor will position the flash automatically, for optimal bounce. In semi-automatic mode, you can position the flash head at the best angle for your specific purpose, and the unit will duplicate that angle automatically when you reposition your camera, for total consistency when shooting horizontally or vertically. Beginning flash photographers will find the 470EX-AI to shorten their learning curve significantly for using a bounce flash, while seasoned shooters will appreciate the time savings achieved by the flash setting the right lighting angle consistently.