Lensbaby Makes a Composer Pro II for Filmmakers


Filmmakers and videographers who have long dreamed of getting Lensbaby’s special effects with their cinema cameras can now pick up the Composer Pro II with a PL mount. Offering the same features and specifications as the existing still-photo mounts, this model is compatible without the need for adapters. Also, the PL-mount version will be available in sets with the Sweet 35 Optic, with the Sweet 50 Optic, with the Edge 50 Optic, and with the Edge 80 Optic, as well as a specialized Movie Maker’s Kit II that bundles all of these optics with a pair of Composer Pro II lenses in a custom case.


For those unfamiliar with the system, Lensbaby’s Composer Pro II is a part of a specialized Optic Swap System that allows shooters to choose the type of effect that they want to use by switching out optics. The Composer gives users control by offering a focusing ring along with 0-15° of tilt in any direction, providing a method of controlling how and where the effect falls on the scene. The Sweet series of optics delivers a spot of focus with dramatic fall off towards the edges. The Edge series offers a slice of focus, and, when shot straight ahead, can even function as a standard lens.


The Movie Maker’s Kit II takes things up a notch for the video-inclined by packing in both a PL mount and a Canon EF mount with the Composer Pro II. This means shooters using high-end cinema cameras as well as more compact DSLRs can benefit from the use of Lensbaby optics. The kit also includes the Sweet 35, Sweet 50, Edge 50, and Edge 80 Optics all packed into a Nanuk Case with a custom foam interior.