New Vello Nikon F to Sony E Auto Lens Adapter, Version 4


Make use of your Nikon F-mount glass on Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras using the Vello Auto Lens Adapter. Now in its fourth version, this adapter accepts a wider range of compatible Nikon lenses, along with optimized auto exposure and Vibration Reduction performance, as well as fast and precise autofocus support when used with Sony cameras that feature on-sensor phase-detection AF systems, such as the a7R II, a7 II, and a6300.

The adapter features durable metal construction with a matte-black interior to reduce reflections and glare; a tripod foot with ¼"-20 mount is also integrated into the design to facilitate working with longer and heavier lenses atop a tripod.


DO  NOT buy one of these.  It does work on the A7Rii but not on the A7Riii.  Apparently all the companies making these adapters can't get their act together to come out with the firmware update for the A7Riii.  You lay out this kind of money and lousy customer support.

my tamron 15-30mm f2.8 DI VC USD Lens for Nikon autofocus and aperature control work great

The compatibility chart lists the A6300.  What about the A6000?

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to comment on the functionality when using the adapter with the a6000. It doesn’t appear as though this combination has been tested by Vello.

Is this compatiable with the Sony A7S ii? 

I see my Nikon lenses in the compatibility chart but want to be sure of the A7S ii

I see references to the A7, A7R, etc but not A7S ii


Unfortunately, it does not appear as though Vello has tested the adapter with the a7S II yet. At this time, we would not be able to guarantee what level of functionality your Nikon lenses would have on the a7S II using this Vello adapter.

I bought this adapter to use my Tamron F Mount lenses on my A7r and Im not overally excited about it.  The autofocus does not work on any of the 4 Tamron Lenses that I own, the fit into the adapter is extremely tight, and one lens I actually have to unscrew the tripod piece on the adapter in order to put the lens on.   Wondering if there is another option for my situation?  If anyone knows of a better adapter please let me know Im not oppose to paying more for a product that works.

Compatibility is very specific with this adapter and will depend on exact lens and camera firmware version combination. You will be able to see which lenses have autofocus here:

Only Nikon brand lenses thus far have been tested, third party manufactures, even if using a Nikon F mount will not work. As of yet this is the only Nikon F Mount Lens  -> Sony FE Mount Camera adapter we currently carry that provides any kind of autofocus. 

When I purchased it and spoke with the rep on the phone he advised me that the Tamron lenses should work fine.


I use my early version (Version 1) Vello auto adapter on a Sony a6000 to fit my F-mount Tamron 28-300mm lens.  It does not

focus but does drop the aperture down, which allows focusing at full aperture and auto program mode with the camera

chosing shutter and aperture.  I have multiple newer and older Nikon lenses that won't work with it but are also not listed

to work in the B&H extensive list of compatabilities.  B&H is commendable providing this info up front. 


V.4 works on A7R2 with Nikon 105/1.4E , also on 24-70/2.8G, 70-200 VRII.


I purchased this addaptor prior to its release and am disappointed with how few of my Nikon mount lenses work with it. How can this be upgraded to the #4 capability?

The adapter firmware can be upgraded by downloading the apporiprate version from Vello, it is availble for Mac or PC under the Support Section here: Vello Nikon F Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Auto Lens Adapter


What lenses do you have out of curiosity?

I have been  considering going mirrorless for some time now and I have a full Nikon kit consisting of 24-70 2.8, 85 1.4, 20m 1.8. I saw this Vello adaptor and my ear pricked up with excitment. I obviously don't want to go buy this and a mirrorless camera if my old Nikon lense will not work.

If you visit the   Vello Select Nikon F Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Auto Lens Adapter (Version 4) page on Vello’s site, there is a compatibility chart, which they should be updating regularly as more lenses are tested.  This should provide a general idea of what lenses could work.  Keep in mind, the level of functionality can be camera and firmware version specific.