Panasonic Announces Highly Anticipated GH5 Firmware Update


As the summer nears its end, many people were wondering when Panasonic would release the long-awaited firmware update that was promised at the GH5’s official announcement, to unlock some serious features in the flagship mirrorless camera. Well, the wait is over—Panasonic has just announced that firmware 2.0 is scheduled for the end of September, and includes a variety of upgrades and improvements that make the GH5 an even more exceptional option for stills and video shooters. Here are the 12 major tweaks that make this update a must-have for any current GH5 owner

1. ALL-Intra Video Recording Mode

If you want the best of the best when it comes to video quality, the new 10-bit 4:2:2 ALL-Intra setting provides bit rates of up to 400 Mbps in 4K and 200 Mbps in Full HD. This ensures the highest level of detail with a minimum of compression artifacts. This mode will require the use of high-speed SD cards rated to Video Speed Class 60 (V60) or higher.

2. 4K HDR Video Recording

Hybrid Log Gamma is now available as a Photo Style, recording video with a gamma curve that is compatible with the ITU-R BT.2100 standard, making it compatible with a variety of AV equipment that supports the relatively new format.

3. Tethering Support

The GH5 can now shoot tethered over USB, using Panasonic’s LUMIX Tether software for PCs. This provides you with instant playback of files on your computer monitor and can automatically save them to a location on your computer. This software even supports the use of 6K PHOTO and 4K PHOTO modes and can be used to start and stop video recording.

4. Enhanced Anamorphic Video

Record high-resolution anamorphic video with the addition of 6K 4992 x 3744 recording at up to 30p using Long GOP compression, with a 200 Mbps bit rate and 4:2:0 sampling and a 10-bit color depth. 4K 3328 x 2496 recording is available in 4:2:2 10-bit with a bit rate of 400 Mbps, using All-Intra compression. Users will also have access to an Anamophic Desqueeze Display setting for 2.0x and 1.33x lenses. A Video Guide Line setting is available for all video modes, which will help shooters preview their videos for 2.30:1, 2.35:1, 16:9, and 1:1 aspect ratios.

5. Improved Autofocus

A variety of tweaks have been made to the GH5’s autofocus system, which make it faster and more accurate in low-contrast situations and when tracking subjects in video. The custom AF area can now be continuously displayed during live view and the Multi AF area can be moved to the other edge when it reaches one edge. Additionally, the start point of AF lock can be set on the live view screen prior to tracking, and the AF area can now be moved while the shutter button is half-pressed or when using Burst Mode, 6K PHOTO, or 4K PHOTO modes.

6. Faster Performance for 6K PHOTO and 4K PHOTO

Users will now be able to start a new sequence in the 6K and 4K PHOTO modes in half the time. Also, Loop Rec is now available in 6K PHOTO.

7. Enhanced In-Body Stabilization

The Body I.S. system adds an I.S. Lock for video that compensates for handheld movements when using a fixed viewing angle. A handshake correction mode is available that will improve stabilization performance when using anamorphic lenses.

8. White Balance Setting Correction

This fixes a bug that would cause the 2-axis white balance compensation to be reset when the Kelvin value was changed.

9. Time Lapse Shot Upgrades

The GH5 will now display the time remaining and the number of recordable photos when using Time Lapse Shot mode.

10. Power Save LVF Improvements

Power Save LVF can be used during all standby display modes.

11. Improved Wireless Functionality

The Panasonic Image App will support the Bluetooth Remote Control function. If images have not finished transferring when the camera is turned off, it will automatically resume when it is turned back on and the Auto Transfer function is activated.

12. Various Tweaks and Fixes

A rating function using the Fn button in certain playback modes has been added, and more function can now be assigned to the Fn button. Also, the DISP button can be locked and, in Relay Rec, a couple of fixes have been made.

This is an impressive list of changes, additions, and fixes for a single firmware update, and the implementation of many long-awaited features will certainly make many current GH5 owners very happy. So, make sure you head over to Panasonic’s website at the end of September to download and install it.

About which of these new updates are you most excited? Share your thoughts in the Comments section, below.


So, I'm excitingly reading about this new firmware update and one little question burning inside of me regarding my Ninja Inferno monitor. With all the new specs in 4K, which GH5 will be able to record internally it seems like the monitor will loose some of its advantages. It will still provide a media to record those gorgeous 400 Mbs 4K footage, however it seems to me GH5 is about to get more powerful features internally to the point that Ninja will be limiting them. Am I gettign it right? 

Hi Andriy,

While the internal recording of the GH5 is certainly impressive, there are advantages to using the external monitor. First of all, there are less compressed options on the monitor than even the 400Mbps option on the GH5. That and you can go directly to an edit ready format such as ProRes or DNxHR that will simplify your post-production workflow. Also, in order to get 10-bit output with 4K at 60p you need an external recorder such as a Ninja Inferno. Personally, I would still prefer to use an external monitor with the edit-ready formats than the internal recording, it also reduces potential for heat generation in the camera by taking away some processing from the small body. The external monitor should always be an advantage, not a limiting factor, of your recording.

This looks like an awesome update! Is there any news yet if the minor improvements will come to the rest of the Lumix SKUs? I have a G85, and I would love some of these features to come to my camera. (Obviously only the ones that can be done)

Hi Yisrael,

As this update has been in development for some time specifically for the GH5, its hard to tell what other cameras may receive some similar functionality and Panasonic has yet to make any statements involving other cameras. So we will just have to wait and see.