Profoto Unleashes the Power of Small with the B10 Off-Camera Flash


I'm almost weary of announcing products that take all the good of previous models, and make them smaller. I say almost, though, because today we get to see Profoto's latest off-camera flash: the B10. Five times as powerful as a speedlight, but with a form factor matching that of a large camera lens, the B10 will completely revolutionize your kit. It is even battery powered for use practically anywhere, and features an integrated continuous light for working with video.

Considering the B10's name and shape, it is easy to see that Profoto drew from its experience with the B1X and miniaturized it to 3.9 x 4.3 x 6.9" and just 3.3 lb. This flash is a self-contained unit, meaning no cables whatsoever, and is compatible with more than 120 Light Shaping Tools. It has a maximum energy rating of 250 Ws, quite impressive for a unit of this size, and has 10 stops of control. It's fast—with recycle times of just 0.05-2.2 seconds and flash durations as quick as 1/50,000 second, in Freeze Mode. There's a 2500-lumen LED light with a variable color temperature range of 3000-6500K and a CRI of 90-96 that is ideal for shooting video. The rechargeable battery pack for the unit can keep it powered for 400 full-power flashes or 75 minutes of run time with the video light. This combination of features puts the B10 at the top of its class and makes it an outstanding option for those looking to upgrade from their speedlights, or to pair with their A1.

Key to the B10's design is an integrated Air radio system. This grants compatibility with Profoto's entire line of Air Remotes, including those with AirTTL support. Now you can gain full wireless TTL when using cameras from numerous brands, in addition to wireless controls via the separately available remotes. Another trick is compatibility with existing Air-compatible flashes, such as the A1 and B1X. The A1 is an outstanding tool, since it can function as a remote and on-camera flash simultaneously, while the B1X and B10 can be easily used in a mixed configuration. This isn't even it for the B10, because this flash introduces Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile app to the series. The app provides wireless controls, can be used to update the flash or take flash photos with your smartphone.

The B10 Off-Camera Flash comes with a Li-Ion Battery, a 3A Charger, Stand Adapter, Protective Cap, and a Case. A Duo Kit is also available with includes two heads, double the standard accessories, and the Core Backpack S.


Most importantly, when will it be available??

Hi William,

Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA on the Profoto B10 at this time.  However, you can still place an order and we'll send you an e-mail once it ships out. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

what is the smoke device being used in this video?