Saddle up Your DSLR with Money Maker Skinny Camera Harnesses


Handmade in the heart of the United States, HoldFast Gear takes pride in providing a secure yet stylish option to hold one, two, or three cameras simultaneously and comfortably with the Moneymaker Skinny Camera Harness. While two cameras rest easily at your hips, a third hangs in the middle at chest height. The Moneymaker can easily handle large cameras and lenses, such as a pro body with up to a 300mm f/2.8 on one side and a 14-24mm f/2.8 lens on the other.

Photographers can rest assured that safety is a top concern of HoldFast Gear. The main clip design is based on clips used to attach a sail to a boat. Slight modifications in the swivel, a longer pin draw, and a stronger spring have made the system even more durable, and it features a removable safety strap.

The Speed Clutch mechanism allows each camera to slide along the harness to eye level for speedy event, wedding, or sports shooting. Two included camera HoldFast accessory clips screw into the ¼"-20 tripod threads of your cameras, while metal D-rings permit you to attach accessories or even a pouch to store extra memory cards, batteries, or even your smartphone. Carrying a third camera in the middle of the strap can be added or removed easily by utilizing two camera leashes that are connected to the front set of D rings and then to the camera.

Women, in particular, may be drawn to this strap as it does not cross over the chest in the front, staying out over your shoulders. The straps of the harness form an “X” pattern across the back for added support. The small size accommodates people 5'7" and smaller, while a medium size accommodates people 5'8"–6'2". Last, but not least, different types and colors of fine Water Buffalo, Bridle, and American Bison leathers are available, allowing you to integrate your style into your workflow.


With prices that defeat logic (and sense), when shall we ever be able to buy again products that are NOT made in China. I wander...

Camera harness for a price of GOOD used lens - you must be kidding... unbelievable!

No cameras actually attached to the harness... Any photos of photographers using the harness or showing how the cameras attach...???