Sigma Adds Full-Frame 20mm f/1.4 Lens to Art Series


Everyone seems to be looking wide in the days leading up to PhotoPlus Expo 2015, with Sigma making the latest splash in the wide-angle-lens pool by announcing the 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art. This is the first 20mm f/1.4 lens designed for full-frame cameras and joins the already impressive Art prime line consisting of 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm f/1.4 options. These lenses are known for their ability to realize the potential of modern high-resolution image sensors and advanced optical designs, so for those looking to get ultra-wide, this should be a much appreciated option.

Being the first full-frame capable 20mm lens with an f/1.4 aperture, it is well-suited to landscapes, astrophotography, event shooting, and low-light work. Also, when used on APS-C format cameras, it will offer a still quite versatile 30mm equivalent focal length. Optical quality is ensured through the use of both “F” Low Dispersion glass and five Special Low Dispersion elements in the 15-element-in-11-group design. These optics work to minimize spherical and axial chromatic aberrations and field curvature, while a Super Multi-Layer Coating resists flare and ghosting, resulting in clean, distortion-free images.

Externally, the lens shares many common features with its Art siblings, including a Thermally Stable Composite material that ensures consistent performance in fluctuating temperatures and simultaneously reduces the size and weight of the lens. A Hyper Sonic AF Motor is also packed into the barrel that will provide smooth, fast, and silent focusing, thanks to an optimized AF system; manual focus override is available for fine-tuning down to the minimum of 10.9". Additionally, this focus system and firmware can also be updated later on, using the Sigma USB Dock. The lens also has a nine-blade rounded diaphragm for smooth out-of-focus elements.

The 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens will be available in Canon EF, Nikon F, and Sigma SA mounts.


I am wondering why they are not offering Sony E mount in any of their new Art lens. Sony alfa (E mount) series is a very sucessful for this matter.  

Hi Taras,

This series of lenses is designed generally for DSLRs. Sigma has however released a Mount Converter that allows you to use these Canon EF or Sigma SA mount lenses on your Sony E mount camera.

For my Sigma 50mm f/1.4 I tried three lenses until I found one that was good. I want this lens, so let see if I can find a good copy too. 



94 degrees vs. 84 degrees angle of  view. that's more than minimal change. I have the 24mm art lens and love it. we'll see what this looks like.

Folks in the 60's when Nikon brought out the first  43-86mm lens

folks called it the "three step" lens.... this is a silly debate.

Similar debates were had for 24mm Vs 28  ( yes the old 24s had more curviture of field and more of a "wide look")

Life is not a one size fits all.   Pick the tool that produces the "look" you want.

Then let your work speak for you. ;)





Is the lens front convex or flat for a filter?  If flat what mm filter size?

The Sigma 20mm f/1.4 has a built in lens hood and does not have a front filter thread.  Standard screw-in filters would not be compatible with the lens. 

Hmm. The Nikon. 20mm f1.8 has a 77mm filter thread and is lighter and smaller. Same price. Not sure what this Sigma offers other than f0.4. 

A lot of folks seem to wonder "Why the 20mm?".  Simple: The Canon 20mm is old and decrepit.  The previous Sigma 20mm (I've used both Fd and EF) is crap.  If you want a prime and you want 20, your other choice is the Zeiss (21mm or 18mm).  So Sigma decides to "finally" update their 20mm offering. 

At f1.4, this is going to be a big heavy lens.  If Sigma pulls it off and delivers something that gets the accolades of the 35mm, they will have some serious bragging rights.  If they fail and it is no better than a 16-35 zoom lens from Canon, then no one will really notice.  Pretty much a no-lose situation for Sigma.

"Also, when used on APS-C format cameras, it will offer a still quite versatile 30mm equivalent focal length."

It's focal length changes depending upon what type of camera it's fitted to?  I wonder how that works.

I used the Sigma 20mm f1.8 for many years underwater with my Canon's and it was the best and even for close-up wide angle. They don't make it any more but knowing Sigma and their new attention to quality I will repalce the 20mm f1.8 with this new one. It is dark underwater and I need all the speed I can get from a lens.

This may be a nice lens,  but I'll still put my money on the Nikon 16mm fisheye.  I used one for several years with nothing but great results.  JOE

Every time I think about getting a fisheye, I change my mind when considering what kinds of photos I would actually take and come up blank.

I have the 50mm in a Sony A mount and when the 24mm was first announced it was advertised as being available in a A mount as well. After three months of waiting to order the A mount option was dropped and not available. Just wondering why they are not offering Sony A mount in any of their new Art lens anymore.

I’m not sure why Sigma hasn’t released a Sony A-mount version of the 24mm f/1.4, or announced an A-mount version of the 20mm f/1.4.  Perhaps the Sony mounts of their prime lenses weren’t selling well.  They have also cut back on Pentax mount options of their lenses.

I agree, I don't understand WHY the 20 mm. I was hopeing for the  ART 85mm. I have the nikon 14-24 and just would not need this lens.

However I am loveing the NEW ART lens line. Have the 150-600 Sport and the 50mm , and the 24-120. and they have been dead on, out of the box.

I think Sigma knows what they are doing with the 20mm. It well work very well for some photographers. Just buy the new ART line without regreat.


I think Sigma is attempting to exploit weaknesses in Canon and Nikon's lines. They both have excellent 85mm lenses but, except for the Nikon 20mm f/1.8 which is good but not f/1.4, it's a hole in their lines.

I have the 50 and the 24 very impressed with both, i still use my Nikon lenses of course but sigma has figured it out these art lenses are excellent. The 50 1.4 is always on my camera... 

Ummm...a 20? I just bought the entire line (24, 35, 50) hoping that a 85mm and 135mm were on the way? A 20...Why? 

why not?


i love this lens.

exactly what i want.

Have you ever shot on a 24mm then, I should switch to my 20mm to get REALLY wide? Didn't think so. Just take 4 steps back instead. It's 1000$ cheaper. 

You can't always step back. Also, the perspective is different. Slightly...but different.

I speak specifically to video. Once a shot is blocked and lit, switching from a 24mm to a 20mm is probably never going to happen. I may eat my words when I find myself needing a 20mm lens someday when I'm shooting in a cardboard box but until then...

Well, I almost never shoot video so I can't speak to that. Something I don't understand is, there seem to be a number of folks who are primarily shooting video with DSLRs which makes no sense to me. I primarily shoot still photography so I have specialized equipment for...still photography!

Nice, but I want a 12 or 14mm f1.4 not a 20mm!  When is that coming?

i want a 600mm f4.

so what?


who cares what you want.... this lens is released now.


Most people are trying to build a decent kit to actually make money with...not go take photos of their kids. Focal length matters. The difference between 24mm and 20mm is so minute that I can't even imagine someone with an engineering degree making this decision. It almost makes me regret switching to Sigma from Canon in the first place. 

For astrophotography, it's a pretty big difference. The additional light gathering capabalities of a 20 1.4 would allow for longer exposures without increasing observed light trails.

I've never shot any astrophotography wide open ever on any lens I have ever had my hands on. Of course this lens comes down to "taste". I'm talking about from a Sigma/Engineer point of view. They release a 35mm and before that a up a 20? It just simply isn't logical. I'm sorry. Unless it's the 20mm Astrophotography Art 1.4 Sigma lens. Which it isn't. 

Hey everyone! zigzagblues doesn't want the 24mm, so it shouldn't exist! I happen to know Kazuto Yamaki personally, so I'm gonna have him give you a call today and ask you what you want personally, and then they're gonna make it!  Sound good?

And since you mention it, 24-20 = 4mm difference.  4mm/24mm represents a ~17% difference.  That's significant. 

Agreed.  You have to consider the percentage difference and the change in AOV, not just the focal length number itself.  20mm vs 24mm is significant enough to make a difference for many photograhers (namely architectural and astro).  That being said, I would have preferred something in the 14-16mm range.  But if this lens is anything like its Art brethren, then it should be a very welcome addition indeed.

My only gripe?  Why oh why doesn't Sigma make these lenses in Sony E-mount? Running them through a metabones adapter just doesn't work very well at all.

Engineers design lenses for photographers, not engineers.

As for shooting astrophotography wide open, if you had better lenses, maybe you could!? ;-)

I haven’t heard of any announcements from Sigma regarding a 12mm or 14mm lens, so I wouldn’t be able to say if/when they might release one.