Unveiled: Capture One Pro 10


Capture One Pro has been known to many as the premier tethering solution for digital cameras, and with the release of version 10, the company is proving that it is an exceptionally capable raw processor and image-management solution, as well. Capture One Pro 10 features major under-the-hood improvements, with many operations having been rewritten to enhance speed, especially when viewing and working with images. This results in faster caching, a reduction in drawing latency, and improved frame rates while making adjustments. Also, a variety of new features and tweaks have been made to increase functionality and speed up your workflow.

One of the most notable changes is the introduction of three-phase sharpening tools, providing photographers with control over sharpening at input, during normal editing, and at output to optimize sharpening for a specific application. This includes the addition of halo suppression for more natural images when using a high amount of sharpening. Another new tool is output proofing, which will provide a preview of an image’s final appearance before outputting for web or other applications.

Enhancing usability is a key aspect of software upgrades, and Capture One 10 welcomes a new default workspace based on user feedback, in addition to having an option for a “classic” workspace, if desired. Also, users can employ Tangent Wave panel systems with Capture One for analog control over settings. Other new functions include a Camera Focus tool for select cameras, a filter for image orientation, offline activation for secure environments, and more Apple Script properties. Elements that have been upgraded with version 10 include an optimized JPEG output, optimized LCC generation, the ability to move folders in Catalogs, and improved support for compressed raw files. Auto masking is possible with all file types, and OpenCL is enabled by default.

Capture One Pro 10 is available in a variety of flavors, including a single user license. Organizations can even pick up multi-user licenses with options for up to 50 seats. If you are a current user, upgrades are available for Capture One Pro 8 and Capture One Pro 9, and if you are a Sony user, you can upgrade to Capture One Pro 10 for Sony from Capture One 10 for Sony or Capture One Pro 8/9 for Sony. Additionally, Capture One Pro 10 for Sony can be upgraded later on to the full version of Capture One Pro 10.