Wireless Made Easier with Nikon SnapBridge Version 2.0


Nikon is making wireless connectivity with its cameras easier and more functional with the release of SnapBridge Version 2.0, now available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Taking user feedback from the first iteration of SnapBridge, Nikon has made many asked-for improvements to the app, beginning with a user interface and menu structure overhaul, as well as clearer instructions on how to connect your mobile device to a Nikon camera for the first time. For the Nikon fanatic, SnapBridge now lets you register up to five separate cameras with your device, and the app has been designed to consume less power, which is aided by a location data accuracy setting. Most important for photographers, though, Version 2.0 now lets you remotely adjust important settings, including changing exposure mode (P/S/A/M), selecting a shutter speed or aperture value, adjusting exposure compensation or ISO sensitivity, and choosing a white balance setting.

Is SnapBridge Version 2.0 going to benefit your wireless workflow? Let us know, down below.


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