X-Rite Celebrates 10 Years with the ColorChecker Passport Photo 2


Has it been only 10 years? The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport has become such a staple in digital studios that it is hard to remember a time before this handy tool. To celebrate its decade of use, X-Rite has created the ColorChecker Passport Photo 2, adding even more functionality via a built-in 18% middle gray card. Additionally, Camera Calibration v1.2 software now allows both DNG and ICC profiling for integration with Capture One workflows. Like its predecessor, the Passport Photo 2 contains the ColorChecker Classic, White Balance, and Creative Enhancement Targets so you can tweak the color balance of your images however you like. For maximum accuracy, X-Rite recommends replacing targets after two years of use, so if you have held on to your ColorChecker Passport since the very beginning, now would be a perfect time to update.