An In-Depth Look into the Sony A7 Series Cameras


In this B&H Event Space video, Michael Bubolo, Sony’s Senior National Sales Manager of Digital Imaging, shares his knowledge about the latest generation of Sony A7 full-frame cameras. Cutting-edge technology, innovation, quality, and value are the defining attributes of Sony’s digital imaging system. That definition isn’t from Sony, but rather from the multiple reviews and accolades that A7-series cameras have received since Sony introduced the world’s most popular lineup of full-frame cameras. 

In this video, Bubolo takes an in-depth look at the A7 camera series, providing as many tips, tricks, and how-tos as he can fit into 101 minutes. You’ll walk away with a new understanding of the camera menu and its 149 interchangeable settings, as well as an enhanced appreciation for the benefits and features spanning all categories of this camera series.

If you own an A7 series camera, or are interested in getting one, you definitely don’t want to miss this video, for an insider’s view of everything these potent tools can do.