Who Knew Audio Conferencing Systems Could Be Cool? Yamaha Did.


If there is any genre of corporate office equipment where designers were given free reign, it is in the design of conference room speaker phones. I used to think that their space-ship-inspired designs were cool but, over the years, the look has waned on me. I still appreciate that the functionality of the units may have necessitated that they look like atmospheric landers from the planet Vulcan but, isn’t there something out there that better complements the modern office visually and technologically, and performs superbly? Yes. Check out the Yamaha YVC-1000 and YVC-300 duo to provide solutions for your office’s teleconferencing needs.

For conference rooms, large and small, the YVC-1000 can run up to five microphones and connects to computers and other devices via USB, as well as, if you prefer, external speakers via RCA connections—and no land-line needed.

The unit is beautiful in design, with modern lines and clean styling. It doesn’t look like it just landed from low Earth orbit—it looks like the kind of high-end audio gear you would see in one of those movies that shows what rich people’s living rooms look like. The system is smart enough to adjust its acoustics automatically for the room you are meeting in and it is full of wireless features that run on Bluetooth and Near Field Communications.

Designed for smaller conference rooms and huddles with four to six people, the smaller YVC-300 is USB powered and has Bluetooth and NFC connectivity—again, sorry ’Ma Bell, no landline needed. The unit is closer in design to those outer space journeyed conference phones, but this one spent some time in the wind tunnel because the designers knew it would be used in the atmosphere. Inside the sleek shell are three microphones and one terrific Yamaha speaker that can crank out your boss’s voice at 91 decibels.

For more information on the Yamaha conferencing systems, click here and check out the full details and specs of the YVC-1000 and YVC-300.