Announcing Focal Clear MG Professional High-End Open-Back Headphones


For music creators, producers, and engineers seeking a thoroughly fulfilling headphone experience akin to listening through studio monitors, Focal offers the Clear MG Professional, a set of high-end Hi-Fi headphones built to exude world-class looks, sound, and feel. Like the original Clear Professional, these cans incorporate a circumaural, open-back design, but the MG model elevates the performance to provide an enriched thrill that can be appreciated by novices and "golden ears" alike.

Focal Clear MG Professional Open-Back Headphones
Focal Clear MG Professional Open-Back Headphones

Where will you find the difference? The Clear MG Professional headphones are designed to excel in the realm of dynamics, tonal balance, bass articulation, and high-frequency detail, places that can significantly impact the choices you make as you manipulate EQ, compression, and harmonic saturation during mixing and mastering stages. The enhanced sonic characteristics are made possible in part by the newly designed magnesium cone and frameless 1" copper voice coil.

Thanks to the redesigned open honeycomb grille, which is M-shaped to mimic the driver profile, upper frequencies are linear with breakup all the way out at 24 kHz. The exterior earcup opening has been enlarged to refine the imaging and widen the spatialization. The result is a headphone that covers the spectrum from 28 kHz down to 5 Hz while delivering precise transients.

Comfort and ergonomics have also been improved; the constant curve of the perforated microfiber and leather headband evenly distributes the weight of the headphones over the head, and the scratch-resistant aluminum yoke is made to accommodate the wearer's face shape without issues. As for the earpads, Focal chose thick ¾" memory foam wrapped in perforated microfiber fabric to ensure a plush, cool feeling.

A common question that arises in reference to high-class headphones such as these is, "Do I need a dedicated amp for them?" In the case of the Focal Clear MG Professional, no, you do not. Their impedance is low (55 ohms), so they can be successfully driven by an array of amplification sources, even a mobile device. There are two supplied cables—a 16.5' cable ending in a ¼" plug and a 3.9' cable terminated with a 3.5mm mini plug—to allow optimal connectivity with your console, audio interface, smartphone, or headphone amp. They also come with spare earpads and a color-coordinated rigid carrying case.

Tempted much? Your intrigue and desire for these headphones is justified. Let us know in the Comments section how you'd use the Clear MG Professional in your setup, and share your experiences with open-back headphones.