Announcing the ZOOM Q2n-4K: Audio/Video Capture for Musicians


ZOOM, long known for its portable audio solutions, has been adding video cameras to select  audio recorders for a few years—and today we are happy to announce the newest ZOOM Audio/video recorder, the Q2n-4K, and the BCQ-2n Battery Case for the Q2n-4K.

Based on the popular Q2n, which records in 1080p or 720p, the Q2n-4K adds 4K UHD capture at up to 30 fps. Featuring a 150° wide-angle lens, the built-in camera features five different field-of-view settings, enabling you to choose from wide shots or singles without changing lenses. HDR (high dynamic range) technology automatically adjusts the exposure to your subject, not to a stage-lighting effect. 12-scene settings, plus an "Auto" setting, enable shooting in a variety of environments. Just place the Q2n-4K on a table, stool, or light stand (with a 1/4"-20 threaded stud), frame the shot on the built-in LCD screen, and start recording to a microSDXC, up to 256GB capacity. Or you can connect to an HDMI TV to share your performance (either NTSC or PAL)—and the incorporated USB connector allows for live streaming.

While recording video, you can capture audio at 24-bit/96 kHz, from the built-in X/Y stereo microphone, which can handle sound-pressure levels of up to 120 dB. Analog-style level controls with onscreen monitoring provide you peace of mind when recording in loud environments. More than just a stereo microphone, the Q2n-4K has a built-in LO-CUT function, consisting of Off, 80, 120, or 160 GHz, Auto Gain, Delay (when shooting video).

This small but powerful recorder fits in your hand, and supports line level input through its stereo mini jack that supports 2.5-volt plug-in power. Powered by two AA batteries, the Q2n-4K will record HD for 1.2 hours or UHD for half an hour on alkaline AA batteries. The ZOOM BCQ-2n Battery Case for Q2n-4K accepts four AA batteries, provides roughly four times the run time, and mounts on the bottom of the Q2n-4K. This portable Audio/video recorder is just the thing for musicians that want to capture video to go along with their music.

Are you a writing, performing musician? Is the Zoom Q2n-4K for you? Kick off the conversation in the Comments section, below. And a one, and a two…