Control Your DVS DJ Setup Wirelessly with the MWM Phase


Ready or not, your DJ-centric life is about to be changed forevermore. Thanks to some clever innovation, wireless control of your DVS setup is now possible with the Phase Essential and Phase Ultimate by MWM. Yes, it’s true; you no longer need timecode control vinyl or even turntable needles to achieve accurate, stable, and smooth control of the tracks playing from any DVS-equipped DJ software.

MWM Phase Wireless Controller for DVS

Though it sounds like unfamiliar sorcery, you won’t have to learn a new science or redesign your workflow to make the magic happen. Just drop a remote over the center spindle of each turntable (no records required) and connect the receiver to your DVS setup via its USB and RCA ports—the USB port is for power, while the two stereo RCA outputs should be routed to the line inputs of your DVS-compatible mixer, interface, or sound card. Voila! The remotes sense every rotational movement of your turntables and communicate the information to the software, ensuring no loss of nuance or expression from your technique.

Once that’s done, you can get to the fun. Unlike traditional configurations, Phase is impact resistant and impervious to disruptions from rumble, needle problems, and damaged records. So, you can perform confidently without sacrificing the feel and vibe you depend on. Each remote features an internal battery that provides up to 10 hours of mixing time and an LED that will flash red when the battery is low on juice. Recharging the remotes is as easy as putting them on the receiver, as long as the receiver is connected to a power source, of course.

The only difference between Phase Essential and Phase Ultimate is the number of remotes supplied. Phase Essential comes with two remotes, whereas Phase Ultimate includes four so you can keep two charging on the receiver while using two on your turntables. If it’s nonstop action you need for long-running, back-to-back sets that can outlast the crowd, go for the Phase Ultimate.

Whether you use Serato DJ, Traktor, rekordbox, or Virtual DJ, MWM’s Phase is poised to make battling and performing at clubs, parties, and festivals easier for you and better for your audience. Speak to a specialist at the B&H SuperStore or check out our website to learn more!

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