Deity Announces the New BP-TRX: Transmitter, Receiver, Recorder, Timecode Generator


Look! It’s a digital wireless lavalier transmitter, it’s a single-channel receiver, it’s a pocket recorder, it’s the Deity BP-TRX! Oh, and it’s also an IEM/camera hop, a timecode generator, and a USB audio interface packaged into a compact, all-in-one unit that is small enough to sit equally well in your talent’s pocket, your audio bag, or on your camera. Aimed at solo content creators/YouTubers, wedding and corporate videographers, indy film crews, and reality show sound mixers, this game-changing product is truly the Swiss Army knife of wireless audio, allowing you to do more while carrying less extra gear.

Simply put, the BP-TRX is a mini computer that combines a bidirectional transceiver I/O for wireless transmission and reception, an analog I/O with audio recording to a microSD card, timecode I/O for post syncing, and a USB digital I/O with an audio interface. Its power lies in allowing you to mix and match these modules and configure the unit for the kind of shoot you’ll be working on that day.

For instance, a videographer may need a wireless lav system for a controlled sit-down interview, but also want the option to use a recorder for difficult audio capture in live events, such as weddings. No more losing critical audio due to RF interference. You won’t have to stop the action to fix wireless problems; just switch the unit from transmitter mode to recorder mode on the fly and keep shooting.

Compatible with Deity Connect wireless systems, the BP-TRX operates in the 2.4 GHz band and is jam-packed with pro-level features like the Guard Rail analog limiter that prevents audio from clipping. Additional controls include input and output gains, selectable RF output power up to 100mW, Advanced Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology, mono/stereo mic/line inputs, XLR/3.5mm TRS/BNC connectivity, and a bright OLED menu that’s easy to read in sunlight.

The unit accepts microSD cards with large capacities (up to 128GB) and houses an extra-long-lasting, lithium-ion rechargeable battery that gives you an impressive 21 hours of operation in recorder-only mode, 12 hours in transmitter/receiver-only mode, and 25 hours in timecode-only mode. It comes with an omni lav mic included.

Content creators/YouTubers can purchase a single BP-TRX and use it as a recorder placed in their pocket with the lavalier mic connected to it. This offers an easy way to record yourself without having to worry about distorting your audio (the limiter keeps the input from overloading) or getting dropped signals from a traditional wireless system.

Corporate videographers will appreciate the benefits of a lavalier microphone and the freedom of wireless recording, but without the headache of managing RF signals. The BP-TRX is also ideal for wedding videographers who need a pocket recorder that has extra-long battery life and accepts large microSD cards for all-day shooting. The metal build will hold up to the massive amount of wear and tear these users will put on their gear.

With two or up to four BP-TRXs, each unit can operate as either a bodypack transmitter or as a single-channel wireless receiver, giving you a variety of system configurations to suit your needs. This is perfect for small-production indy film or reality TV crews who need traditional lavalier wireless systems for typically three to four people max on their film set.

Special receiver modes enable the BP-TRX to act as a wireless IEM system for directors and producers, or as a camera hop with timecode, where a single master transmitter sends audio signal from a recorder/mixer to up to four cameras or four people wearing headphones on set.

The BP-TRX’s onboard timecode box can jam to external timecode or generate and output its own. DSLR users can use the included 3.5mm TRS output cable to connect the receiver to their camera and record one channel of wireless audio on the right side and a channel of timecode (generated from the receiver) on the left side. By combining wireless and timecode in one unit, the receiver allows you to save space on your shooting rig and stay lightweight.

Those who already own a DUO-RX 2-channel receiver can add two BP-TRXs to their setup to record two audio sources to a single camera. The DUO-RX allows you to control the BP-TRXs remotely, so you don’t have to leave your station to go to somebody and make an adjustment.

A quick survey of the competition shows that as a transmitter/receiver, the BP-TRX averages 33% more battery life and close to 10 times the RF output power (up to 100mW) than similar products in the 2.4 GHz band. As a recorder, the BP-TRX averages two to three times more battery life and offers up to four times the media storage than other recorders on the market.

The BP-TRX is available as a single unit or in two kit versions. For a single-channel wireless system, the Deity Connect Timecode Kit comes with two BP-TRXs, two W.Lav omni lavalier mics, and all the necessary cables for connecting to your camera/recorder.

For the full-time videographer/sound mixer who requires a dual-channel wireless system, the Deity Connect Deluxe Kit includes two BP-TRXs with two upgraded W.Lav Pro waterproof lavalier mics, a DUO-RX receiver, and both XLR and 3.5mm audio cables for plugging into an audio recorder, cinema camera, or DSLR. A waterproof hard carrying case keeps it all organized between shoots.

Seems like the more you learn about the BP-TRX, the more it feels like you’re just scratching the surface. We welcome you to investigate this unique and highly versatile new product further, and share with us in the Comments section below how you plan to incorporate the BP-TRX into your own workflow.