NAMM 2018: Adam Audio Announces T-Series Monitors


ADAM Audio, the company famous for its ribbon tweeters, has announced a new line of monitors at NAMM 2018. These T-Series speakers are nearfield monitors offering U-ART Accelerated Ribbon Tweeters, fashioned from a high-tech polyamide film capable of providing a pristine high-frequency response right up to 25 kHz.

Adam Professional Audio T5V T-Series Active Nearfield Monitor

Unlike dome tweeters, the pleated ribbon used throughout the T-Series alternately sucks air into its many folds and squeezes air back out again, producing four times as much movement as a piston-based design, thus allowing for louder levels with even lower distortions. ADAM Audio has also provided a precision waveguide with the same dispersion-control attributes as those found in their flagship S-Series monitors, meaning your sweet spot will be wide, giving you more freedom to move around your mixing position without sacrificing as much perspective.

Adam Professional Audio T7V T-Series Active Nearfield Monitor

The T Series come in two models—the T5V, which feature a 5" woofer, and the T7V, which offers a 7". Both units employ polypropylene symmetrical-excursion woofers that allow for low-frequency reproduction not commonly found at such prices; the 5" will get you down to 45 Hz, while the 7" breaks the 40 Hz barrier at 39 Hz. Both monitors utilize Class D amplifiers for high efficiency without sacrificing sound quality. Whether you prefer the sound of 5" or the chest-thumping feel of 7", B&H has you covered with ADAM Audio T-Series monitors on our website. Come check them out!