NAMM 2019: New Mackie DRM Loudspeakers Now Available at B&H


It's NAMM 2019, and Mackie is going whacky! Well, not really—the company is announcing some sensible, new, and exciting loudspeakers in its lineup. Called the DRM series, these loudspeakers come in configurations suitable for all sorts of users, and offer both actively and passively configured models.

But how does it sound? Well, each loudspeaker explicated herein provides a clear, crystalline timbre that goes hand in hand with the durability you've come to expect from Mackie over the years. The company has chosen to enclose its high-sensitivity drivers inside of touring-grade plywood cabinets—and this means one thing for you: a workhorse loudspeaker that'll fit right into DJ rigs, club sound systems, houses of worship and ill repute alike, rental systems, and more!

The passive line offers models with 12 and 15" woofers. If 15" is your fancy, you can choose between two-way and three-way configurations. An arrayable 12" model is also available for those who prefer line arrays over point-source rigs. Rounding out the line is an 18" subwoofer, capable of handling 2000W peak. This sub is flyable, stackable, mountable, and all-around bountiful in its bass.

Want all these sizes with class-D amplification to boot? You, dear reader, are in the market for the active line of DRM-series loudspeakers. The 12" models will get you 1600 in the standard model, or 2000W in the arrayable version. Your 2-way 15" DRM gets you 1600W, while the 3-way DRM goes up to 2300W.

The active DRMs offer Advanced Impulse DSP for acoustic correction and time alignment. Tweak these settings easily and handily by means of the DRM Control Dashboard, a full-color display on the back panel with tuning options that are as extensive as they are handy and easy. Each loudspeaker is equipped with M10 flypoints and dual-angle pole mounts. Use them as floor monitors or fly them above the crowd. You can even accomplish the latter with Mackie-brand flyware kits and flybars. Custom speaker covers are also available—in fact, you can peruse and purchase all DRM wares at our SuperStore or on our website.

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