The 833 Mixer-Recorder: A Sound Device from Sound Devices


The new Sound Devices 833 Portable Compact Mixer-Recorder has much of the same tech as in its Scorpio, which the company made clear was its top-of-the-line flagship, launched into the world for all who needed it. The 833 is more compact, sports fewer channels, and takes a lighter toll on your wallet than the Scorpio; however, it still brings in heavy artillery.

Six ultra-low-noise microphone preamplifiers, with a design ripped from the Scorpio, embolden the 833. Two SD card slots are on hand for recording to disc, and yet, the device houses a 256GB internal SSD, which you can use for redundancy or primary storage. The 833 gives you the ability to record to three media simultaneously for truly safe redundancy.

The processing architecture and multiple FPGAs come right from the Scorpio as well, ensuring the 833 is fully routable: any input can be routed to any track. With 32-bit converters on hand, the device can take a wallop in the gain department; it is virtually impossible to distort the digital-conversion stage with the preamp. Now, your mic is the only handicap in recording loud, dense, impactful recordings.

A device boasting a complement of both digital and analog I/O, the 833 gives you essential features like ultra-accurate timecode. Thanks to the unit’s multiple busses and flexible routing, you can send individual mixes to the camera, or custom mixes for different members of the crew if need be. Note, too, the multiple powering options—such as support for two L-Mount batteries and 10 to 18 VDC external power; it is clear this bit of kit is designed to integrate with your kit, whatever it looks like.

Good reader, there’s so much more to relate: remote control via Android devices or USB control surfaces; pre/post EQ for each channel; TA5 headset ports for intra-team communication; high-speed USB file transfer—indeed, you get the idea. If any of this piques your fancy, please peruse our website, or come by the SuperStore to pick up an 833 directly.