by Andrew Eisele ·Posted 08/15/2022
Yes! The rumors are true: Neumann is releasing the M 49 V, a reissue of its classic M 49 tube microphone. In 1949, Neumann released the M 49 tube microphone and forever changed the landscape of recording. By 1951, the M 49 had become the industry standard, used in recording studios and broadcast environments worldwide. Now, with the limited release of the M 49 V, Neumann is again proving to audio
by Allan Weitz ·Posted 07/12/2021
Ideas born from a place of passion have an undeniable life about them, and you can feel it when you are in their presence. The Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut, located in a ubiquitous brick building, in Windsor, Connecticut, is one of those places. As part of Music Appreciation Week, we thought it would be a good idea to visit the museum, which is chock-full of radios, record players, TVs, and tape recorders, not to mention the massive transmitters that send the radio waves out over
3,123 Views ·Posted 01/23/2014
In this video David Roman of Universal Audio visits and gives us a tour of the new Apollo Twin desktop thunderbolt audio interface with Unison mic preamp technology and Realtime plug-in processing.