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Shure has taken its popular SLX wireless system into the realm of digital audio with the install-friendly SLX-D digital wireless microphone system, designed to meet the demands of small-to-medium event spaces, corporate facilities, educational institutions, houses of worship, and music venues. First things first: the SLX-D delivers crystal-clear 24-bit digital audio with an impressive 120 dB of dynamic range. It operates in a wide 44 MHz bandwidth ranging from 470 to
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The Saramonic Blink Wireless system was released a little while ago, and we here at B&H were given a unit to test and evaluate in the form of an article, which you are now in the process of reading. Hello, and welcome to our review of this wireless system. Saramonic Blink 500 B2 2-Person Digital Camera-Mount Wireless
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Making videos for YouTube, Facebook Live, and other online video platforms? Of course you are; creating content is what you do! But “content” encompasses many things, with scenarios ranging from reviews and instructional videos in the studio, to travel vlogs, on-location shoots, or run-and-gun interviews at trade shows—all requiring different microphone setups. You know that your audio quality can make or break your video piece, but what system should you use to get the best sound possible, no matter the location or situation? Should you go
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Look, I get it. You’re a busy filmmaker, a videographer who’s hustling, a visual visionary who needs to create; your talents should be applied to your art, not worrying about the tedious specifics of sound recording. Still, you’ve accepted the reality that without decent audio quality, people won’t take your productions seriously. Since budget constraints sometimes prevent you from hiring a dedicated audio engineer—and using anything more than your camera—you find audio-related responsibilities falling on you with increasing frequency, but
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In this video, B&H’s A.B. shows the simplicity and efficiency of the Sennheiser XSW-D Wireless Digital System. With single-button operation and automatic pairing, the XSW-D offers solid sound quality with ease of use that makes it well suited for novices and busy veterans alike. Thanks to 2.4 GHz operation and plug-on transmitters and receivers, available with XLR, 3.5mm, or ¼" jacks, it will fit in nicely in a variety of setups.