Get Ready for Adventure with B&H Explora!


On Monday, July 23, we will kick off our first annual Adventure Week here at B&H. Join us as we swim with sharks, tackle a mud run, scale a waterfall, and more. Each day we'll be highlighting a different adventure, providing details on how we did it, the gear we used, and showcasing all the exciting footage we captured along the way. We'll also be publishing plenty of hands-on reviews, buying guides, and tips and tricks to help you embark on an adventure of your own.

In addition to featuring one of our adventures, each day we'll spotlight a specific type of equipment or use case. On Monday, we'll highlight action cams. Tuesday will be devoted to landscape photography. Wednesday will be all about drones. On Thursday, we'll strap on wearables. And on Friday, we'll put a bow on everything by recapping our best moments and favorite gear while throwing in some additional treats. 

So check back on Monday, July 23, when Adventure Week officially kicks off—and don't forget to follow B&H on Twitter @BHPhotoVideo for up-to-the-minute #adventureweek news.


great video!!! looks cool

Hi Nicholas,

Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you check back in throughout the week for the full adventures.