Announcing Hollyland COSMO C1 Wireless SDI/HDMI Transmission System


Hollyland has announced a new wireless transmission system, and we are pleased to share the news. The COSMO C1 is a flexible system that has a 1,000-foot line of sight wireless range, with 40ms latency. Designed for the professional who requires the rock-solid, broadcast-tested reliability of SDI, the COSMO C1 provides a path for HDMI use, opening options for using consumer cameras and monitors. Smart Channel Selection helps manage your signal, keeping interference to a minimum, while flexible power input choices allow you to go completely wireless, or power from your camera or mains as required for your shoot.

Hollyland COSMO C1

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Very cool products! But I've watched a couple of review videos on Youtube and the latency is not as good as they claimed in ads. Anyone tried the system yet? Is it really that bad?

Hi - 

The 1000' line-of-sight, uncompressed transmission with a low 40 ms latency is excellent for this type of device and its intended applications.