Announcing Sachtler 100mm flowtech Legs and FSB 10 Tripod System


It’s always a happy new year when Sachtler releases tripod system packages, fluid heads, and an adapter to support all the new cameras and accessories released into the world last year. Five new 100mm fluid heads in the aktiv and FSB lines provide smooth movement and support camera setups―from small mobile rigs to large cinema rigs―and 13 system packages provide spreader, fluid head, load capacity, and tripod model options.


The new FSB 10 Mark II fluid head features a 100mm base, smooth 7+7 drag, 15+0 counterbalance, and a side-load plate S, and it is designed to support up to 26.5 lb. The featured FSB 10 Mark II packages come with ENG carbon fiber or aluminum tripods with a ground or mid-level spreader, or you can get the FSB 10 Mark II with the ENG aluminum tripod with a ground spreader.


The FSB 14T Mark II fluid head features a Touch-and-Go plate and supports up to 35.3 lb, and it offers similar packages with an ENG carbon fiber tripod with ground or mid-level spreader. You can also get the 14T Mark II with a HotPod carbon fiber tripod with mid-level spreader or with the Pedestal C III that includes an FSB fluid head adapter.

The aktiv line adds three new 100mm fluid heads, including the aktiv10T that features SpeedSwap, SpeedLevel, 7+7-step drag, 15-step counterbalance, and a Touch-and-Go plate 16, and it supports loads up to 26.5 lb. The featured aktiv10T packages come with flowtech100 legs and a mid-level spreader or ground spreader. The new aktiv12T and aktiv14T fluid heads also feature SpeedSwap, SpeedLevel, 7+7-step drag, 15-step counterbalance, a Touch-and-Go plate 16. The 12T supports loads up to 30.9 lb and the 14T supports up to 35.3 lb.

aktiv10T System
aktiv12T System
100mm Bowl Connector V2
aktiv14T System

And finally, the new aktiv 100mm Bowl Connector V2 has been released to adapt the new aktiv heads to fit all 100mm Sachtler tripods (with the exception of the HotPod). All packages with mid-level spreaders come with removable rubber feet, and flowtech100 or ENG tripod packages come with carry bags to store and transport the entire tripod system.

Feel free to share your experiences using flowtech, ENG, FSB, and aktiv tripod and fluid head components in the Comments section, below.