Announcing the Atomos Ninja V+ and Ninja V+ Pro Kit


The Atomos Ninja V is already super popular, but Atomos has seen fit to give it some new friends with the release of the Ninja V+ And Ninja V+ Pro Kit. An expansion of the Ninja family, the “+” model looks and feels quite similar to the current version being an HDMI recorder/monitor. Even with minor visible tweaks, there have been some massive changes to the internals, unlocking support for 8K 30p and 4K 120p video—including ProRes RAW recording. 

At launch the immediate winners of this development are some key camera partners:

  • Sony FX6 for 4K 120p raw (with AtomX SDI Module)
  • Sony FX9 for 4K 120p raw (with AtomX SDI Module)
  • Z CAM E2 for 4K 120p
  • Z CAM E2-M4 for 4K 120p
  • Canon EOS R5 for 8K 30p raw
  • Upcoming cameras…

These are the obvious winners on day one, however we should consider some other benefits for existing cameras. The Sony Alpha 1 is an interesting one as it can output an 8-bit 4:2:0 8K signal over HDMI, meaning the Ninja V+ should be able to monitor this signal with all the tools you have come to expect from Atomos monitors (waveforms, LUTs, etc.). You can also future-proof your equipment if you use something like the Canon EOS R5 as 8K 30p raw will be coming as an update later in 2021.

In addition to ProRes RAW recording, the Ninja V+ supports H.265 recording, and it ships with H.265 already activated, for recording either 8- or 10-bit video in 4:2:2, providing you a choice in recording format. While ProRes RAW is a robust codec, well suited to origination, the inclusion of H.265 as an option allows you to capture high-quality footage with your Ninja V+ that is already captured in a delivery codec that is well suited to capturing longform shoots, while creating much smaller files. Additionally, you can use the H.265 formats to create ready-to-go video for streams and uploads to CDNs. Or create an external recording from your ARRI or RED cameras while they record RAW internally. H.264 support is planned for a future update, and if you are a Ninja V or Ninja V Pro Kit user and not quite ready to make the jump to the Ninja V+, Atomos wants you to know that H.26X support is coming as a paid upgrade.

H.26X recording is a “Plus” feature, and the Ninja V+ is certain to get access to more Plus features in the future. It also comes standard with a neoprene sleeve, EVA-style hard case, battery eliminator, Master Caddy II case, and an AC/DC power adapter.

If you are looking for more, the Ninja V+ Pro Kit comes with the AtomX SDI Module and the SDI RAW + RAW to Video Cross Conversion function pre-activated. This will be necessary to cover the most recent Sony announcement of firmware for the FX6 and FX9 for 4K 120p ProRes RAW and theoretically for future integrations with 8K 30p cameras. The Pro Kit also comes with the AtomX Ninja V Sunhood on top of the stock accessory package.

Is the Ninja V+ for you and your workflow? Tell us why or why not in the Comments section, below. 


Is the Sony A1 and A7S III supported?

Hi Thomas -

Yes, both cameras are supported.

Should the Sony FX3 be included in the list of Cameras benefiting from the Ninja V+ Or did I miss something?