Anton Bauer Announces New DIONIC 26V B-Mount Plus Battery Line


Adding even more power with longer run times is essential to your mobile production, and Anton Bauer is always stepping up its product lines to meet the challenge. Today’s release of the DIONIC line of 26V B-Mount Plus lithium-ion batteries and charger delivers maximum efficiency to power-hungry compact cinema cameras, such as the ARRI 35, or to professional lighting fixtures. The new DIONIC B-Mount line includes the DIONIC 26V 98Wh B-Mount battery, the DIONIC 26V 240Wh B-Mount battery, and the dual-voltage 14/24V 4-Position B-Mount charger

Dionic 26V 98Wh B-Mount battery
DIONIC 26V 98Wh B-Mount battery
Dionic 26V 240Wh B-Mount battery
DIONIC 26V 240Wh B-Mount battery
14/24V 4-Position B-Mount charger
14/24V 4-Position B-Mount charger

B-mount batteries are designed to fit into the new cinema industry standard of 24V, and these new 26V batteries provide ample power output for professional devices, as well as their accessories. The compact, lightweight design of the B-mount is ideal for mobile productions, with its quick side loading that can be loaded with one hand, added grip for the operator, and a much more solid connection to the mount, which can reduce vibration for added handheld stability and balance. 

The new DIONIC B-mount batteries provide a continuous 12A current draw and more than 300W of consistent power to large components such as LED light panels, allowing you to run the lights for longer periods of time. They provide minute-accurate run time on the LCD screen, they send accurate status data to your camera, and they have built-in circuit protection to prevent overvoltage, over-discharge, and short-circuit scenarios, keeping your production safe. Up to four batteries can be rapidly charged simultaneously in the charger, and it can charge the 98Wh battery in only 1.5 hours. The charger is also field-upgradeable using its USB port to add firmware enhancements down the line.  

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