Atomos, Canon: EOS R5 Firmware Update for 8K ProRes RAW Recording with Ninja V+


Atomos and Canon have teamed up to offer an exciting enhancement to your Canon EOS R5 camera and Atomos Ninja V+ monitor/recorder setup, with the latest firmware updates. By combining the Atomos AtomOS 10.68 update with the latest Canon EOS R5 firmware update, you will now be able to record external 8K ProRes RAW video from the R5 using the Ninja V+ via HDMI.

 Canon EOS R5 camera and Atomos Ninja V+ monitor/recorder setup.
Canon EOS R5 camera and Atomos Ninja V+ monitor/recorder setup

The firmware updates take advantage of the full-frame sensor on the R5 and the high-resolution HDMI recording on the Ninja V+ to capture and record unlimited 8K RAW video using the high-quality ProRes codec. Using the Ninja V+ to record gives you multiple advantages over other external recording options:

  • Ninja V+ is the only external recorder with the ability to record 8K ProRes RAW from the EOS R5

  • The R5 doesn't support internal ProRes recording, while the Ninja V+ supports it externally

  • Unlimited recording using AtomOS, controlled right from the touchscreen monitor

  • Utilize extended, cheaper recording media

  • Monitor high-resolution HDR video using imaging tools while recording

If you're looking to add the Ninja V+ to your EOS R5 camera to start recording in ProRes 8K RAW, this camera-ready bundle will help get you recording, and if you want to begin from scratch and create a powerful 8K camera rig, the RAW recording kit, including the R5 and Ninja V+, can get you set up and shooting quickly.

The Canon R5 1.4 update also updates the following:

  • It adds compatibility with CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S or CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S EF cine servo lenses for video capture

  • Simultaneous video recording on card 1 and card 2 (with the exception of RAW and RAW(Light)

  • Support for the VPG 400 (Video Performance Guarantee Profile), a CFexpress 2.0 standard

  • Improves stability with RF400mm F2.8 L IS USM and RF600mm F4 L IS USM lenses

  • Fixes an HDMI issue when a zebra pattern is displayed when the camera display turns off

  • Fixes an image stabilization issue when it isn't available immediately at the start of a shot

To get started, all you need to do is download the latest AtomOS 10.68 firmware from the Atomos website and update your Canon EOS R5 camera with the latest 1.4 firmware version to take advantage of next-generation 8K ProRes RAW video recording.

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