Capture 8K 360 Video with the Yi Technology HALO


If you’re into 360 video and want to take a step up into high-resolution workflows, the YI Technology HALO could be just the ticket. Using 17 precisely synced camera modules, the HALO can deliver up to 8K stitched resolution at 30 fps. The recorded footage is stitched in the cloud using Google’s Jump Assembler. Just upload the memory cards’ contents to the Web; no need to have your local workstations burning the midnight oil for days on end.

YI Technology HALO

Each individual camera module features a wide-angle lens with a 155-degree FOV. 16 modules are spaced around the perimeter, and one is skyward-facing to record what would otherwise be the nadir. Two extra camera modules are included, just in case any should go down in the field.

Just because the camera itself is advanced doesn’t mean it’s hard to use. Trigger record and monitor the video feed using your Android mobile device with the free app. Setup is minimal. 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads are available for tripod or stand-mounting. Connect the included battery or power supply, pop in your memory cards, and begin shooting. The weight of the unit, with the battery and everything loaded up for use, is less than 10 lb. Additionally, the HALO and its accessories fit right into an included Pelican 1610 rolling hard case with a custom insert.