360 Video Cameras

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Insta360’s AI-powered 360 cameras make capturing stunning 360° video easily achievable. In this B&H Event Space video, we show you how to shoot almost anything with Insta360 cameras, then edit in minutes using the app. 0:00 - Introduction 2:30 - What Is Insta360 and what Are Insta360 Cameras? 8:50 - Insta360 X3 and Features 18:40 - Video Editing in the App 21:23 - Cinematic Shots without Equipment 24:28 - Impossible Shots with a 360 Camera 42:29 - Final Thoughts 45:36 - Q&As Are you a fan of Insta360 cameras? Let us know in the
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Take your 3D modeling capabilities to new frontiers with the new and improved Matterport MC300 Pro3 3D Digital Camera and Acceleration Bundle, which equips you with the Pro3 and additional accessories for mounting the camera. With greater scanning range and faster speed, the Pro3 allows for more detail in your indoor and outdoor 3D models,
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Kandao is bringing 3D capabilities to the masses with its QooCam EGO, the world's first instant 3D camera! Perfect for selfies, vlogs, and lifestyle videos, this camera allows you to capture, view, edit, and share 3D photos and video. Are you a vlogger? Is the QooCam EGO a piece of gear you would try? Tell us why or why not, below.
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Truly immerse your viewers in your VR recordings with the AUROVIS Argus 360˚ Spherical VR Camera. AUROVIS highlights the importance of audio in creating life-like virtual reality with an impressive array of 64 ambisonic microphones. With FPGA circuitry and a proprietary algorithm to boost processing speeds, the AUROVIS Argus uses in-camera, real-time stitching for live-streaming with preview right from the camera. This pro-style VR
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Insta360, as a brand, seems to be bent on building 360-degree cameras whose internal functionality outsizes their physical footprint. While I could describe the new Insta360 Pro2 as six cameras built into an aluminum-shelled grapefruit, I would be remiss in doing so. Insta360 has updated this new revision of its Pro line with greater processing power, improved wireless connectivity, and compatibility with Insta360's Farsight
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If you’re into 360 video and want to take a step up into high-resolution workflows, the YI Technology HALO could be just the ticket. Using 17 precisely synced camera modules, the HALO can deliver up to 8K stitched resolution at 30 fps. The recorded footage is stitched in the cloud using Google’s Jump Assembler. Just upload the memory cards’ contents to the Web; no need to have your local workstations burning the midnight oil for days on end
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The Ricoh THETA V can do many things: produce hi-res 360-degree images, shoot spherical 4K video, and capture immersive VR-compatible sound. These aren't hidden abilities—they're listed prominently at the top of the THETA V's product page. But what isn't mentioned—at least, not directly—is what I feel is the THETA V's strongest selling point: It's fun. We took the THETA V out to Central Park for a test run and had an absolute blast playing with
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Like virtual and augmented reality, the adoption of spherical (or “360-degree”) video into the mainstream has been a mixed bag. On one hand, the technology has evolved rapidly and in a manner that mostly benefits consumers—e.g., it’s become more accessible, generally easier to use, and costs less than initial offerings; on the other hand, what to do with all that promising tech remains somewhat more vague. Enter the Fusion, GoPro’s latest foray into
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Among its four-camera lineup, Z CAM offers just about every solution for professional 360 VR capture, including 360 VR 6K recording and streaming, cinematic 8K 360, and stereoscopic 3D 360, and the professional world is on board. Z CAM V1 Pro was used to shoot Elton John’s farewell tour in stereoscopic 360. The V1 Pro is also the camera on which the award-winning short film, Dinner Party, was shot. The New York Times journalistic VR film, The Land of Salt and Fire, filmed in the hottest place on earth—Danakil, Ethiopia—was shot on the Z CAM S1
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In this video, Lok Chung takes us on an adventure with the Insta360 ONE Action Cam, a compact 360 camera system that’s designed to work with iOS, and allows you to design your camera movement in post. 360-degree video has been around for a while, but with all the options available, many people might wonder how one can utilize 360-degree video these days. Join Chung for a look at this tool of the trade. We hope you enjoy the video, and
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Immersive content is the next wave in visual storytelling. Interest in 360° Video has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, particularly given technological advances that have made the process more available to consumers than ever. Yet, this rapid growth and the proliferation of new tools can make it difficult to keep up with the best approach to creating quality content, especially for those lacking a media background. Therefore, we were eager to attend the inaugural NY VR Expo 2017, held at New York’s Jacob Javits Center from
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Reach the high-resolution heights you have always wanted for your 360° imaging dreams, with the just-announced Theta V from Ricoh. Keeping a form similar to its much-loved predecessors, the Theta V makes some serious improvements to video quality with its ability to record and live stream video over USB, at up to 4K resolution. It also boosts stills quality with an ISO range that has been expanded to ISO 64-6400, resulting in sharper and cleaner
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We here at B&H are pleased to announce the newest 360˚ VR camera offered by Insta360, the Insta360 ONE. This 4K model blends the portability of an action camera with the all-encompassing views of 360˚ video capture. The versatile ONE offers three operating modes: stand-alone, Bluetooth remote control, and direct control when attached to an Apple iOS smartphone (an Android version is on its way). The Insta360 ONE’s intriguing
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Stepping up into the professional content game, Insta360 introduced the Pro Spherical VR Camera, a fully-featured 360° spherical content creating platform. Its 6-camera configuration can capture enough information to render out 8K video while keeping the size of the unit itself to a minimum. While there are larger units that may have more cameras and more sophisticated stitching options, the Insta360 Pro serves as an excellent middle
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Today, Garmin debuted the VIRB 360, its first-ever foray into the exciting world of immersive 360-degree video. Building on the established prestige of the VIRB-series action cams, the new VIRB 360 is a compact, ruggedized, waterproof action cam capable of shooting stunning 5.7K video unstitched (or 4K stitched). The VIRB 360 uses front and rear wide-angle lenses and four separate microphones to capture everything around you,