Choose Your Own Accessories with SmallHD's FOCUS Base Monitors


When purchasing a camera monitor, some prefer to choose the accessories they want, rather than having to purchase a kit. SmallHD has announced its new FOCUS base monitor offerings, featuring the 5" FOCUS LCD HDMI, the 5" FOCUS LCD SDI, the 5.5" FOCUS OLED HDMI, and the 5.5" FOCUS OLED SDI models as just the base monitors without a tilt arm or accessories, and at a lower price, so you can make your own choices.

Each 5" FOCUS HDMI model comes with a Micro-HDMI to Full HDMI adapter cable, making it easier to choose your camera connection cable, and the two SDI versions come with the monitor only. The FOCUS base 5" monitor line features the same bright, OS3-powered displays that offer an impressive color gamut and feature-rich operation.

Has using one of SmallHD's SDI, HDMI, LCD, or OLED 5.5" FOCUS monitors been part of your field production experience? Share your thoughts below.