DJI Unveils Spark


After weeks of speculation, DJI has officially unveiled the newest member of its ever-expanding drone family, the highly-anticipated Spark quadcopter. Small in stature, but infused with power and potential, the aptly named Spark proves size truly doesn’t matter. It boasts several features to rival its big brother, the Mavic Pro, including a gimbal-stabilized camera with 1.2/3" CMOS sensor, 16-minute-max flight time, and top speed of 30-plus mph—all of this in a greatly reduced form factor. The small size means you can take the Spark anywhere, no specialty case required—just toss it in a purse or shoulder bag and get moving.

But the Spark’s slender size isn’t merely about the convenience of easy travel. No—what really makes it such a groundbreaking vehicle is its ability to fly where other advanced drones can’t. Or won’t. DJI demonstrated this go-anywhere capability in a promotional video that showed off footage of the Spark zipping through various tight spaces and crowded channels, including a maze of narrowly stacked library books and through the spiraling track of a rollercoaster. This ability to navigate and shoot footage in areas previously too precarious to pilot should open a whole new world of aerial adventure and photographic opportunities for consumers—to say nothing of new FPV possibilities and indoor racing applications.

Along with Spark, several accessories and add-ons were also revealed, including various new colors of  the customizable top plate, props and prop guards, batteries, charging hub, and more. You can order the new DJI Spark and all its accessories now at B&H Photo.


I am curious about its outdoor performace.  Typically, smaller drones don't do so well in gusty, windy weather.  I'm interested, but where I plan to fly it has some fairly moderate wind gusts.  Can't wait for more real world reviews.

What's up with the weird formatting of the article?

Does the  "Fly More" combo with transmitter include 1 extra battery, 2 total?


The DJI Spark Fly More Combo will come with two batteries.

Thank you. since the batteries are 50 each and the controller is 150. the combo is worth it. The controller itself is pretty pricey.

Does it shoot RAW still images?

Is the image sensor simila to the Mavic's?


The DJI Spark’s image sensor is the same as the Mavic. It shoots the following formats: JPEG for stills, and MP4 for video in a FAT32 file system. It does not shoot RAW.