Easyrig Vario Provides Sturdy Video Camera Support


It’s not your standard camera support system, but you may be pleased at the end of a long shooting schedule. Many who use it swear by it.

Supporting 11-38 lb and 30-55 lb payloads between the configurations it’s offered in, the Easyrig Vario is a body-worn support system that takes the weight off your back, neck, and shoulders and distributes it to your hips. If you’re off on a long shoot, whether a wedding, sporting event, or movie, you’ll appreciate the ability to relax your arms. On top of that, having the camera weight suspended from the support line will provide you with better balance.

The Easyrig Vario doesn’t only support a camera. You can attach an entire rig, from something as minimalist as a cage with a top handle and handgrips, to a gimbal, to a fully equipped 50-lb shoulder rig with advanced cameras like the Alexa or F55. In all cases, you’ll have optimal back, neck, and shoulder support and balance, because that’s what the Easyrig Vario is designed for.