Edelkrone JibONE v2 Ultra-Compact Motorized Jib: New and Improved


Add smooth, motorized jib moves with up to 20" of camera travel to your productions, bringing even the smallest shoots extra production value, with edelkrone's JibONE v2. Supporting up to 11 pounds, this ultra-compact motorized jib keeps your camera perfectly level while moving horizontally, diagonally, and even vertically. The tilt and pan axes can be set to every 22.5˚, providing you with 16 rock-solid positions throughout the pan and tilt range to set your camera moves. The jib can go along the entire length of travel from a slow move of 140 seconds to a rapid 8 seconds, all without backlash.

edelkrone JibONE v2 Motion Control Jib Arm
edelkrone JibONE v2 Motion Control Jib Arm

The JibONE v2 features numerous improvements over the JibONE v1, such as a physical power button, improved power management (including auto power off/save), fully wired capability, an OLED info screen providing instant feedback, and a stronger wireless connection with improved range. By addressing these concerns, the JibONE v2 creates a better user experience, with easier setup, less frustration, and more successful shots.

Using your iOS or Android smartphone, controlling your JibONE v2 is a breeze. You can also pair it with a HeadONE or HeadPlus for more complex movements, shots, and time-lapse moves. You can mount the JibONE v2 on virtually any tripod head or platform with a 3/8"-16 stud, either right side up or upside down, and it is compatible with a host of edelkrone accessories such as the Pan PRO, Monitor/EVF Holder, edelkrone Controller, and FlexTilt Head v3. You can carry it around in the JibONE Soft Case or the edelkroneBackpack.

Are you ready to work with the new JibOne v2 by itself, or do these improvements inspire you to add complexity to your location shots by expanding your moves in combination with other edelkrone components? Let us know in the Comments section, below.