Firmware Update for DJI Mavic 3: What's New?


When the DJI Mavic 3 first flew into markets in November 2021, some users were disappointed to find that certain key features weren't available right at launch. That's now water under the drone, so to speak, with DJI finally rolling out a major firmware update, unlocking the Mavic 3's full potential. Many of the missing features that users have been requesting since launch are being added with aircraft firmware v01.00.0500 and remote controller firmware v04.13.0500 DJI―features such as QuickShots that allow the Mavic 3 to record and shoot automatically with preset motions, or QuickTransfer, which lets you store and process your clips right from your mobile device.

Check out the full list of updates:

  • Added QuickShots, including Dronie, Rocket, Circle, Helix, Boomerang, and Asteroid

  • Added Panorama mode, capable of capturing in high resolution ­­

  • Added burst shooting

  • Added digital zoom for normal video mode

  • Added Color Display Assist for D-Log

  • Added 4K/60 fps and manual Exposure Index (EI) adjustment for MasterShots

  • Added QuickTransfer

  • Added zoom and D-Log for FocusTrack when recording video

  • Added support to set RTH altitude for Advanced RTH

  • Added USB mode for Mavic 3 Cine for copying data

  • Optimized accuracy of color correction

  • Increased image sharpness of Tele camera when shooting at high magnification

  • Optimized image area for Time-lapse photos

  • Added support to DJI RC Pro to output clean HDMI footage

  • Added support for DJI RC Pro to cache video and download original video to an external SD card

  • Added support to use DJI RC Pro with DJI Air 2S

  • Fixed some minor bugs

Updating the Mavic 3 drone is seamless: You can update the firmware on Mavic 3 either through the DJI Fly app or via a desktop using DJI Assistant 2. Before updating, make sure that your drone’s battery level is above 20%. Please note that you'll also need to update the DJI Fly app to v.1.5.8.

Follow the links if you want our initial impressions on the Mavic 3 or if you're interested in a closer look. Then share your thoughts on your favorite of these new features in the Comments section, below.