HANSE INNOTECH Line Now Includes Cine Lenses in EF and E Mounts


The Celere HS line of full-frame Cine Lenses has been gaining in popularity since it was first introduced late in 2015, when the 25, 36, and 85mm were released. Since then, a 50, and most recently, an 18.5mm lens was also introduced, filling out the set. Although originally available in PL-mounted lenses only, the lenses were designed with a Vario-Mount System, enabling HANSE INNOTECH to expand the lineup to include EF and E as these mounts became increasingly popular. The Vario-Mount System enables swapping of mounts between PL-, EF, or E-mount. However, as responsive to customers’ needs as that is, there is far more going on with these lenses that makes them so special.

Color-matched lenses with full-frame coverage, in any mount, future-proofs your investment. But, even more so, they allow you to shoot with the same lenses no matter what format, so you can be confident and comfortable as your image-gathering tools stay the same from project to project. The lenses cover the original Vista Vision frame, and they even cover the RED 8K Vistavision sensor, which has a larger image circle than full frame. This means shooting on vintage, current, or cutting edge formats presents few difficulties for the Celere HS lenses.


Of course, the HS stands for High-Speed, and the lenses are fast at T1.5—fast and consistent, with every lens having a maximum T-stop of 1.5, even in the 18.5mm focal length. Each lens in the series uses an 8-leaf iris, providing consistent bokeh and out-of-focus highlight reproduction. In addition to being color matched, the lens set is designed for today’s shooting environment, which includes not only tripods, dollies, and handheld rigs, but stabilizers and gimbals. Here is where the Celere HS lenses shine. The 25, 36, 50, and 85mm lenses are the same size and share the same gear positions, so swapping lenses doesn’t require moving your lens accessories. However, all four lenses weigh within a few grams of each other, so now a lens swap doesn’t require a rebalance when working on a stabilizer or gimbal. Time saving lens changes leaves you more time for creative shot-making. The 18.5mm is a little wider than the other four and slightly heavier, which is to be expected, but it still shares the same color-matched coatings, T1.5 maximum exposure, 8-leaf iris design, and focus/iris lens ring gears with the other lenses.


The 25mm also comes with interchangeable front rings, one for Super35mm, and a second ring that is used when shooting full frame. The full-frame ring is needed to prevent vignetting when shooting full frame, and makes the lens a little shorter than when working with the Super35mm ring, but HANSE INNOTECH has made sure that each ring weighs the same, so you can still easily swap out lenses with minimal rebalancing when shooting on gimbals and stabilized rigs. The lenses are available as individuals, or in kits, with dual-sided lens markings in either feet, meters, or a combination that provides markings in feet on one side, and meters on the other. It is this attention to detail and design, as well as the images the lens captures, that make the Celere HS lenses special and worth checking out.