Insta360 Announces the 4K AI Webcam


Ready your remote presentations and let the new Link 4K AI Webcam, from Insta360, bring them to your audience with clarity and accuracy. Perfect for those working or learning remotely, the Link 4K captures crystal-clear audio and video and utilizes an AI tracking algorithm to follow you around your corporate or academic environment. It falls between a standard webcam and a PTZ camera, with a compact design and 3-axis gimbal that provide numerous mounting and tracking capabilities to fit into any desktop or whiteboard presentation. 

Insta360 Announces the 4K AI Webcam

Insta360 Announces the 4K AI Webcam

Intelligent Modes 

The Link 4K is “AI-powered” and uses an intelligent algorithm to track and focus on the subject as they move around in front of the camera. Multiple modes allow you to use the camera effectively in different situations, such as in Whiteboard Mode, which automatically focuses and frames a whiteboard so you can see every written detail. In DeskView Mode, the camera can focus on your desktop to capture what you want to present right in front of you. For applications such as unboxing, cooking, and other unlimited overhead purposes, Overhead Mode allows you to mount the camera on a stand and capture a wide view. You can even utilize Gesture Control to enable different modes, set up auto tracking, or zoom in and out with just a simple hand gesture. 


In addition to all the special modes, the camera’s large 1/2" sensor captures HDR video up to 4K30, or HD video up to 1080p60, with sharp detail and vivid color in the bright and shadowy areas of the screen. The camera also employs Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) to ensure accurate focus, even while tracking. Its built-in dual microphones are noise canceling, and you can adjust gain and de-reverb to reduce additional background noise. When utilizing the Link Controller software on your computer, you can further adjust audio and video settings such as brightness, exposure, gimbal position control, and more.  


If you are worried about the camera accidentally capturing what it shouldn’t, the camera features built-in privacy protection that points the camera down when it has been inactive for a certain interval of time. It connects to your computer using a separate USB cable, and other available accessories include Recognition Markers to ensure accurate framing of your whiteboard and a Mini 2-in-1 Tripod that doubles as a tripod and a hand grip. It can mount on your computer using its integrated mounting clip, or it can be mounted on a stand or rig via its 1/4"-20 thread.  

Are you holding your meetings, classes, or training sessions online? How would you use the Link 4K Webcam in your sessions? Let us know in the Comments section, below.