Introducing the BMPCC 6K Pro - Blackmagic’s Advanced Compact Cine Camera


Arriving at the perfect time to break those cabin-fever doldrums, here are the latest pro cine solutions from Blackmagic Design now available at B&H. This new lineup includes the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro, the self-contained Web Presenter HD, and the robust ATEM Mini Extreme and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO live switchers.


Designed to blend high-end digital cine features with the familiar Pocket Cinema Camera form, the EF-mount Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro uses a 6144 x 3456 Super 35 sensor and the same Gen 5 color science found in the high-end URSA Mini Pro 12K to capture clean, cinematic images with shallow depth of field. The 6K Pro features a tilting, high-bright LCD screen for easy daylight viewing, internal, motorized ND filters for quick aperture and shutter speed control, and Sony L-series battery compatibility. It retains many of the same options as the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K including CFast and SD card slots but adds more pro functions like a second mini-XLR audio input.

New 6K Pro camera components include a separate, bolt-on Pro EVF viewfinder with a crystal-clear glass lens, adjustable diopter, and four eyecups, including a version for left-eye viewers. To save battery power, the camera’s LCD turns off when using the Pro EVF.

The new Battery Grip for 6K Pro not only uses longer-lasting Sony L-Series NP-F570 batteries, but enables you to use up to a total of three batteries including the one in the camera and offers hot-swapping for uninterrupted shooting. Like all the Pocket Cinema cameras, the new 6K Pro comes with a full version of DaVinci Resolve Studio editing and color-correction software.


Blackmagic’s Web Presenter HD is a nifty, self-contained unit that enables you to stream any SDI video input live on the Internet via Ethernet and/or tethering via USB using your smartphone and a 5G or 4G connection. This modern version of a broadcast television transmitter combines a robust hardware encoder, software to connecting with popular streaming platforms, and network connections. The versatile Web Presenter HD is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS systems, uses the H.264 codec, and streams via RTMP in resolutions up to 1080p60. And because knowing your audience impact is paramount, the Web Presenter HD also enables you to monitor your output with video and audio meters, trend graphs, and SDI technical details. Additional features include a front panel LCD screen and the ability to set a streaming key (password) for your content.


Turn to the new ATEM Mini Extreme/Extreme ISO live switchers for pumped-up capabilities of the original ATEM Mini live production switcher. These powerful switchers incorporate a hardware streaming engine, producing high-quality video output for streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more. Both new switchers feature eight camera/video inputs, four chroma-keyers, six independent DVEs including PiP, two downstream keyers, up to 16-way multi-viewing, two USB ports, and multiple HDMI auxiliary outputs. Perfect for multi-camera live sports or entertainment events, mic inputs and HDMI projector outputs also suit the ATEM Mini switchers for presenting live Skype or Zoom conferences. Physical features include large, front-panel buttons for easy touch-switching, output selection buttons, rear HDMI ports, and a USB output.

The ATEM Mini Extreme ISO has a more powerful engine that can record all eight inputs simultaneously plus Program, giving you total of nine recorded video streams.

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Hi Mary - 

The  Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro  retains the valuable active Canon EF mount, letting users take advantage of the expansive array of EF/EF-S mount lenses available. The EF mount supports iris, autofocus, and zoom functions using electronic communication when using compatible lenses.

While Blackmagic doesn't elaborate on their mount choice, going with an EF mount does offer a wider selection of lenses currently and it enables owners of EF-mount BMPCC 4K/6K cameras who upgrade to the 6K Pro to use their existing lens kits.

The camera looks great, but why use the EF mount – why not use the Canon RF mount?

Because there are tons of ef mounts in use. RF mounts are new and few.

Also, they need to license the lens protocols from canon in order for that to happen, which isn't cheap. Definitely wouldn't  come close to the current price if that happened. I would also prefer the rf mount, but at least the internal nds seem like a decent trade off.