Introducing the YoloLiv YoloBox Pro Portable Multi-Cam Live Streaming Studio


Bigger, better, faster, and stronger—the new YoloLiv YoloBox Pro Portable Multi-Cam Live Streaming Studio is built for professionals who want a simple-to-use, but robust, streaming switcher that can handle up to eight inputs. Although it’s only slightly larger than the YoloBox, the YoloBox Pro builds on the success and functionality of its predecessor with twice the processing power, more inputs and connectivity, and an 8" touchscreen that will appeal to those needing a more powerful streaming solution. Along with the bigger screen, the YoloBox Pro also adds a third HDMI input, as well as a second USB type-C connector, enabling you to use two webcam-type sources, while using the dedicated USB Type-C input power port to charge your device. Stream to the YoloLIV platform and have your stream automatically feed three destinations, or you can log into your account on Facebook Live, YouTube, or Twitch and stream to them directly, since major streaming platforms are directly integrated with your YoloBox Pro.

YoloBox Pro Portable Multi-Cam Live Streaming Studio
YoloBox Pro Portable Multi-Cam Live Streaming Studio

The 8" touchscreen on the YoloBox Pro is brighter than on the original 7" YoloBox, and its three HDMI ports are HDCP compliant, allowing you to incorporate a wide variety of input sources into your stream. Take advantage of the increased processing power, additional inputs, and larger viewing screen to set up, control, and view your stream, or use the HDMI output to display your program on a local HDMI monitor. Built-in picture-in-picture templates give your stream a professional look, as do the built-in customizable lower thirds and scoreboard feature. You can add logos, watermarks, and rolling captions, and use the real-time comment overlay feature to engage with your viewers. As with the original, you can record to an SD card or stream via the built-in Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi, or cell service using an optional SIM card and data plan.

For those who are happy with what the YoloBox brings, not to worry, it isn’t going away, but the YoloBox Pro is a significant step up that is designed for the professional who can take advantage of its added capability.

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